Greens Table Puhoi Document


The Greens this afternoon tabled in parliament the business case for the Puhoi highway saying that the oil shock wasn’t taken into account for the project.

This came following a question from the Greens co-leader Russel Norman who asked the transport minister if he supported an inquiry into the impacts of oil price shocks on the economy, including the transport sector.

How many highways do we need with the oil shock coming?

Minister Simon Power, answering on Steven Joyce’s behalf said the government didn’t support an inquiry as “the government already recognises the potential for alternative transportation,” adding “the Government will continue to invest in all modes of transport, including public transport.”
Asked if the oil shock had been considered in the business case for the so-called holiday highway, Mr Power said he did not have that level of detail but welcomed Mr Norman asking a future question on it.

This led Mr Norman to table the document which he did without any objection.

Yesterday a  parliamentary research paper, titled ‘The Next Oil Shock’ warned that NZ’s economy is “very vulnerable” because of the oil situation.

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