Weekend of Traffic Congestion Ahead


NZTA predicts there’ll be severe traffic congestion this weekend as it gets ready to open 2 of the Victoria Park Tunnel’s 3 lanes on Monday.

It says find an alternative route and avoid the motorway congestion through central Auckland.

The NZTA plans to open two of the tunnel’s three lanes on Monday, 14 November.

NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker says: “We regret the disruption and will do everything we can to minimise its impact, but it is absolutely necessary to complete the tunnel work so that we can start delivering the benefits of the Vic Park project to drivers.”

The closures will be focussed around the central motorway junction (Spaghetti Junction) areas in central Auckland involving both the SH1 and SH16 motorways:

  • The Northwestern to SH1 north link will be closed throughout the weekend
  • The port (SH16) to SH1 north link will be closed throughout the weekend.
  • SH1 northbound will be closed at night between the Nelson Street off ramp and the Fanshawe Street on ramp
  • One northbound lane on SH1 between the Nelson Street off ramp and Fanshawe Street on ramp will be closed during the day.

Work is due to start at 10pm on Friday ands all closures will be lifted and the two tunnel lanes opened by 5am onday.

VICTORIA PARK TUNNEL: The 450-metre tunnel project cost $340m

Drivers are being urged to use the new Northwestern and Hobsonville (SH18) motorway link between Westgate and Albany as an alternative northbound route.

The NZTA’s motorway variably message signs and its traffic websites will help keep people informed of driving conditions.

“The closures will affect arterial roads around the motorways, and they are likely to be heavily congested as well,” Mr Parker says. “We are advising people to plan the timing of their travel, allow plenty of extra time because it is going to take longer, and drive with care and patience for a safe journey.”

VICTORIA PARK TUNNEL: Thousands walked it after it was officially opened

Contractors have to rebuild a section of the motorway just past the Nelson Street off ramp to provide a safe connection with the tunnel lanes.

They will need fine weather to complete their work. Mr Parker says if the work is delayed by bad weather, the tunnel opening will be postponed.

And trains are disrupted.

There’s a full train network closure this weekend  Nov 12 and 13 on all lines. (corrected)

Rail bus replacement services will operate.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Good timing, with the rail network also shut down for the weekend. Best stay at home. :-)

  2. Alex says:

    What we really mean is now the RWC has left town, its business as usual …… even more reason to invest in a bicycle for summer

  3. Ben says:

    Jon, its a full rail closure this weekend http://www.maxx.co.nz/info/service-updates/future-maintenance-and-construction-works-on-the-auckland-rail-network.aspx

    There will be NO Trains running at all this weekend

  4. AKT says:

    @Thanks Ben. I had taken off an earlier notification.

  5. Ben says:

    All good :D

    In any case I think it might be avoid the CBD kind of a weekend (which won’t help businesses there)

  6. No motorway network says:

    I don’t know of any other city that would shut down it’s entire rail network to do upgrades or maintenance. Can you imagine if London were to shut down their whole Underground system for the weekend? By the same token, then I would like to see Auckland just once close off all motorways for the weekend to do routine road maintenance and critical lane “upgrades across the network”. “Train services will replace cars”. That’ll be the day.


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