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NZTA and contractor Fulton Hogan have begun work on the Ellerslie Train Station changes.

The station’s platform will be reduced in width by two metres and extended by another 20 metres, and the Southern Line tracks relocated to create space for an additional northbound lane to be constructed on the adjacent SH1 at a later date.

ELLERSLIE; Train station revamp to allow fourth motorway lane

I just called.. to say.. I love you tra la la…

The bridge will be lifted to a new height that gives improved clearance for traffic on the motorway beneath.

The station will look similar to those at Kingsland and Sylvia Park, with a new lift for pedestrian access connecting to bridges over the motorway and train lines.

The existing stone ramp will be replaced by a set of stairs, and a second lift will provide better access to Kalmia Street from the rail overbridge.

Two new shelters will be added to help protect passengers from the weather.

Southern Line trains will continue to run as scheduled except during rail network closures.

You’ll have to use the underpass to access the station.

This is part of the summer Auckland motorway work and KiwiRail Summer programe.

FOOTNOTE; AT says a temporary staircase will replace the ramp on the western entrance. There is also ramp access to the platform from the underpass between Sultan St and Findlay St.




  1. rtc says:

    Amazing how quickly rail work will get done if it’s being done to enable motorways to be expanded……

  2. Geoff says:

    How is this any different from any of the other preparatory works for the Christmas break that are going on around the network? I’m sure they’ve all been planned well ahead of time.

  3. Jarrod says:

    Looks like they are well prepared for once and getting stuck into the work quickly. Good to see.

  4. Andrew says:

    @Jarrod, Geoff, that is because strictly speaking this is a motorway project. I don’t see how this in any way enhances the station.

  5. Mark says:

    Replacing the ramp with Stairs and a Lift is a real annoyance for the parents with prams (etc) who use the bridge daily. I don’t understand why the ramps couldn’t be retained, they’re so much more accessible! (Nevermind inconvenience to walk-to-schoolers during the time this work is being done.)
    My daughter is amongst those affected.

  6. ingolfson says:

    “Replacing the ramp with Stairs and a Lift ”

    Not to speak of people wanting to use the overbridge to wheel their bike across to the other side, or to the train station platform (or let alone ride their bike across it as a walking / cycling bridge - integrated network, my *** - so many opportunities to combine projects are lost for lack of a little bit of money).


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