Green Wants Oil Inquiry


The Greens today once again called for a formal government inquiry into “the effects of an imminent oil price shock.”

“I have approached the government both informally and formally and each time I have been rebuffed,” said the party’s co-leader, Dr Russel Norman.

In June, the National and ACT Party members of the  parliamentary finance and expenditure committee scuttled the Green Party’s proposal for a select committee inquiry.

Dr Norman said that Colmar Brunton research commissioned by the WWF has shown that 72% of New Zealanders think the Government should prepare now for future oil price rises by investing in alternative fuels and public transport.  The International Energy Agency,  the US energy department and Lloyd’s of London were all warning of an imminent oil supply crunch and price spike.

Dr Norman says these institutions have made it very clear the world is facing an oil price shock in a few short years and this will have a very significant impact on the world economy.

“No matter how many new oil wells are drilled, New Zealand’s economy will be hit hard by the coming price shocks. It’s time to face the future rather than stick our heads in the sand in the hope that this problem will all go away.”




  1. karl says:

    Government would be stupid to let this go anywhere, because it would show what a dangerous gamble NZ transport policy really is.

    We are staking our economic future on cheap oil. Smart.


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