Nice Idea From LynnMall


To encourage shoppers to hang up their car keys in favour of taking a train or bus to and from the centre, New Lynn’s LynnMall shopping centre has come up with a great idea.

It’s offering free home delivery of any Christmas gifts bought at LynnMall until December 23 .

The centre is offering the free gift delivery service in celebration of the recent re-opening of New Lynn’s transportation hub.

The initiative is being undertaken in partnership with New Zealand’s only carbon neutral courier service, Urgent Couriers. LynnMall management say they see an alignment between the centre’s commitment to sustainability and that of Urgent Couriers, and hopes to see the Auckland community contribute to a greener future by making use of the upgraded public transport facility.

The offer for free home delivery will apply to all purchases over $150 and will be redeemed upon presentation of receipts and a valid transport ticket, dated the same as the shopping day, at LynnMall’s information desk.

Great move LynnMall. Well done.

I can’t see car-centric St Lukes matching that one.

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  1. Decanker says:

    Great idea. This is the kind of offer that could be in abundance if private enterprise put some skin in the game for the CBD rail loop stations.

  2. Matt L says:

    I saw this the other day, it is a great idea and one I hope they carry on after Christmas. Good work Lynnmall

  3. Matt says:

    Question: how does one get a dated train ticket? The only ones I’ve seen are generic, as opposed to bus tickets which have the date on them.

  4. greenwelly says:

    Speaking of good ideas from Malls,

    It appears Sylvia Park is going to build office blocks on top of its expansive car parks.


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