10m Ahead. The Only Way is UP!


It just keeps going up.

Auckland’s public transport figures for the 12 months are in - and it’s an incredible story. And an even bigger story is to come next week.

Public transport usage is up 8.5% on the previous financial year and rail patronage is now on track to reach a record 10 million passenger trips next week.

Patronage totalled 65,763,655 passengers for the 12-months to June 2011 an increase of 5,141,362 boardings or +8.5%.

June, the month just passed saw another massive growth burst.
5,568,034 that month an increase of 414,865 boardings or +8.1% on June 2010.

Rail monthly patronage for June was 882,776 an increase of 174,269 boardings or +24.6% on June 2010. They’ll be needing those longer trains on the Southern and Eastern lines that started a few days ago - but Western may soon need some of them back!
The Northern Express bus service continues to be the poster child. It carried 2,056,890 passenger trips for the 12-months with a growth in June 2011 compared to June 2010 of +14.8%.
Auckland Transport Chief Executive, Dr David Warburton said at Auckland Transport’s Board meeting today: “Over eight months, Auckland Transport has been a major part of one of the largest business reorganisations ever in New Zealand. One cannot underestimate the work that has been done by staff to ensure a fully functioning and effective organisation.”

Onehunga continues to be a success story for rail.

Southern and Eastern Line rail patronage including the Onehunga Line totalled 6,351,136 passengers for the year ending June 2011 an increase of 805,587 boardings or +14.5%.
Patronage for June  was 561,155 boardings, an increase of +19.6% (91,908 boardings) on June 2010
In June there were 501,147 passengers recorded travelling on the Southern and Eastern Lines excluding the Onehunga Line, an increase of +6.8% on June 2010.
There were 60,008 passengers recorded using the Onehunga Line during June 2011.  For the year-to-date since the inception of these services in September 2010 there have been 508,951 passengers recorded on Onehunga Line services.

Western Line rail patronage totalled 3,513,492 passengers for the year ended June 2011 an increase of 580,001 boardings or +19.8%.  Patronage for June was 321,621 boardings, an increase of +34.4% (82,361 boardings) on June 2010 .

Bus services other than the Northern Express saw patronage total  49,106,444 passengers for the 12-months to  June  an increase of  3,282,823 boardings or +7.2%.  Patronage for  June  2011 was 4,180,026 boardings, an
increase of +4.8% (189,583 boardings) on June 2010 .

Ferry patronage totalled 4,735,717 passengers for the 12-months to June  an increase of 207,515 boardings or +4.6%.  Patronage for June 2011 was 327,687 boardings, an increase of +9.3% (27,785 boardings) on June 2010.

On the issue of rail overcrowding:  There were five services reported to have average load factors above the 1.4 (i.e. four passengers standing for every ten seated passenger) target planning standard.  This compares to eight services in May.  Four of the services were morning peak services, one being a Western Line and the others being Southern or Eastern Line services. This was before the introduction of the longer trains on the Southern and Eastern Lines.

Full report here





  1. James says:

    So what about rail to the North Shore? :)
    Could increase rail patronage by a lot more.

  2. Matt L says:

    More great results but lets guess that SJ is sitting in his office in Wellington with his fingers in his ears.

    Also I don’t see why the NEX is the poster child for PT when each rail line is carrying more people and is once again growing faster.

  3. George D says:

    They need to put up signs to educate new users. You _Stand on the Left_.

    People walk past you on the right. Even kids know that overseas.

    We’ll get there eventually, but I don’t like waiting - I’ve got places to be!

  4. Anthony says:

    People just standing is a common sight in many place i have been to, including Perth and Brisbane…

  5. Geoff says:

    “There were 60,008 passengers recorded using the Onehunga Line during June 2011″

    NO! Most of them were Southern Line passengers travelling on Onehunga services.

    As I’ve written a few times now, patronage figures are being taken at Ellerslie, NOT Onehunga and Te Papapa.

    Most of those extra passengers should be credited with the addition of extra services on the Southern, and would have been gained whether the extra services went to Onehunga or Papakura.

  6. Pim says:

    You know maybe AT should have the Southern line services skip all the staions on the Onehunga apart from Newmarket. Might make it more attractive, as the trips would be shorter.

  7. Martin says:

    @ George

    Do you not mean stand on the right? Europeans struggle with that idea in London though!

  8. Matt says:

    Pim, so you’d reduce services for people at Ellerslie, Greenlane and Remuera to half-hourly? No bloody thanks!

    ETA: Ellerslie is one of the busiest stations on the Southern Line. Half-hourly would knock that right on the head, and even if it didn’t it’d thoroughly screw with train loadings given that Onehunga services cannot be more than three cars long.

  9. Pim says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Ellerslie was so busy. I’m sorry if I offended you. :L

  10. Matt says:

    No offence, just pointing out that there’s a significant flow-on effect if you decide to use Onehunga Line services to cover three additional stations. The trains must be short, because the platform at Onehunga is short, so they’re not really capable of handling all the additional load that would be required.
    Plus, for people coming from south of Penrose who want to use one of the intermediate stations, then what? They’ll have to change at Penrose for the Onehunga service, and if they miss it it’ll be up to a half-hour wait for the next one.

  11. Carl says:

    Perth is the worst for people standing, so is it for people boarding the train,

    I now get off the trains shouting “get out of the way fools”

    honestly how dumb do you have to be, unload before load DUH.

    people on esculators are the worse, i just walk right up behind and say “move”, honestly get out of the fnnnn way.

    there also those people that walk 1/2 way then stop, honestly DIE

    its all a bit of joke sometimes, but man, some people just have no idea what so ever.


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