Tauranga Body Gets Smart About Growing Bus Use


Tauranga authorities are showing others how to get people to use public transport more in these (still) recessionary-troubled times.

Purchasing a Tauranga Smartride card for use on the city’s buses costs you $20 to purchase and comes with only $10 credit for travel.

This is how most of such cards operate, including Snapper and GoRider. There is an initial cost to get the card itself.

From now, Tauranga’s card will be made effectively free for bus users. The $10 cost of purchase will give passengers $10 worth of travel on the Tauranga Bay Hopper bus service.
And that’s how it should be so potential commuters see a benefit.
Everyone likes savings and getting something for free - although to be fair, the same principle can apply to other card services, like getting some credit cards.

Environment Bay of Plenty Transport Committee Chairman Andrew von Dadelszen said today: “We want to make bus travel as easy and accessible as we can in Tauranga so we’re offering the card to our passengers for free. The Smartride card itself offers cheaper rides for passengers and time savings as well.”
Good policy, Andrew. I hope it sees a growth in patronage.





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