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What’s Planned For Waterfront - Auckland - AKT

What’s Planned For Waterfront


Now that we have had a taste of the waterfront being able to be used by people - that’s us - with Queens Wharf and Wynyard Quarter, we have a hunger for more sections of it to be put as soon as possible to public use.

Auckland’s Waterfront Plan, released as part of the draft Auckland Plans for public consultation, put much emphasis on not just this happening but the under-utilsed area becoming an economic powerhouse.

Key projects include:

  • A 10km public promenade from the Harbour (spelt Harbor in the report) Bridge to TEAL Park
  • 20 new places : new beaches, parks and opportunities to “touch” the water
  • New facilities to grow the cruise, marine and fishing industries.
  • A vibrant new community at Wynyard Quarter
  • Protection and celebration of important waterfront character and heritage.
  • Places to grow business
  • An easy walk from the downtown to the waterfront with laneways to discover and explore.

Queens Wharf used to be closed to the public



  • Resanding and landscaping the beach area at St Mary’s Bay
  • Extending the heritage tram from Wynyard Quarter to Britomart and on to St Heliers
  • A continuous pedestrian walkway and cycleway, that connects the various waterfront areas from Herne Bay in the west to TEAL Park in the east
  • Westhaven Island Park would be a unique reclaimed island-based park or mixed use community based on sustainable design principles.  The island could provide permanent live-aboard options for boaties and may be the site for artisan workshops like potters, jewellers or glass blowers. It will be accessible by water only and the island would be built using the marina dredging
  • Improved ferry terminals and supporting infrastructure such as pick up and drop off areas, sheltered waiting areas and pontoons, and additional ferry services
  • The 20 “new places” include: Harbour Bridge Park, St Mary’s Bay beach, international marine village, marina expansion, Wynyard Point Headland Park, a signature public building (maybe a cultural, arts, entertainment or research facility), Daldy and Central Parks, Karanga Plaza and tidal steps, Waitemata Plaza, Te Wero Island, Queens Wharf open space, Queens Wharf salt water pool, TEAL headland park and beach, waterfront pedestrian walkway and cycleway, fishing platforms
  • Queens Wharf to become the principle cruise ship facility. Princes Wharf will be the primary cruise terminal for the 2011/12 season. Shed 10 and the Cloud on Queens Wharf will be used as a secondary facility for cruise. In the medium term (2012-2014) Shed 10 on Queens Wharf will be extended to make a larger space for cruise activity, coupled later with extension of the wharf facility to accommodate berthing of the predicted larger vessels.  But the  analysis of locations has indicated that Wynyard Wharf also provides an excellent opportunity in the longer term, in line with the development aspirations for this area.  This option could complement the facilities provided at Queens Wharf
  • The lanes at the edge of the waterfront area around the Tepid Baths and between Quay and Customs Streets would be transformed to provide a high level of pedestrian priority
  • Making Quay Street better for pedestrians
  • The possible longer-term removal of the Lower Hobson Street ramp that connect Quay Street with Hobson Street as part of the Quay Street pedestrian upgrade


Wynyard is a dumping ground for Jap imports

The waterfront is expected to be a major driver of Auckland’s economic future.

Using economic projections from “The economic value of the redeveloped Auckland Waterfront”, November 2010 by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, it’s stated that by 2040, the redevelopment of the Wynyard Quarter alone is forecast to contribute $4.29 billion to Auckland.


The Waterfront Plan focuses on four main goals – a public waterfront, a working waterfront, a growing waterfront and a connected waterfront.


Over the next 30 years this newly redeveloped area of Auckland is expected to directly support 20,000 new fulltime jobs in Auckland and contribute indirectly to a further 20,000 jobs across the region. The cruise industry, tourism and events and construction will play a huge role in this.

Nearly 14,000 people are expected to be employed across the waterfront in a range of industries including business services, food/beverage, retail, cultural/community services, marine and fishing.

Waterfront employment will also be more concentrated and therefore more productive – trebling over the next 30 years lifting labour productivity by 16%.


The plan envisages these economic outcomes being  realised by:

  • Improving the ways people can get to and from and around the waterfront
  • Providing improved infrastructure including new ferry terminals and cruise ship facilities
  • Making space for events and water activities
  • Continuing to provide a home for businesses such as the port and the fishing industry.

  The Draft Plan proposes ways to retain, stimulate and grow new business and communities so that the waterfront contributes to the region as a whole.

You can read it here and give feedback by October 25

How Auckland CBD will look by 2040

What the Plan says about Transport

Taming Auckland’s landscape - what the Plan says

Plans for Auckland’s Waterfront

How Auckland will pay for it

Read Auckland Plan




  1. dash says:

    A must have is a combined cruise ship terminal + long distance railway station. Would be good for cruise ship tourist trains and a place for intercity trains from Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga. It would also be not too far away from britomart, and much better than where the current Hamilton train proposal will start/finish from.


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