About AKT

STATUS On the 4th anniversary, I posted my final comments as I have moved to Australia. I explain why  I have kept the site up in the meantime as it contains four years of history of Auckland development including 20,000 photos I have taken. How long the site remains up will depend on being able to maintain the hosting costs. I will not be adding any new content.

ABOUT   I’m Jon C and this site has news and debate about anything I’m interested in. I’m positive and passionate about cities being great places to get around and enjoy and want to help make a difference.

HISTORY  It began as aucklandtrains.co.nz to cover Auckland’s woeful train problems. I noticed the media wasn’t covering Auckland’s infrastructure development so began documenting that in photos and stories as an historic record. As interest and traffic grew, it changed its name to AKT and expanded  to cover all transport, Auckland issues and the odd thing that takes my fancy.

COPYRIGHT  The site is copyright and photos are mine unless stated (email me if I miss a credit). Email me if you wish to reproduce a photo.

CONTACT   Go to the Contact area to email me

THANKS  In doing original coverage of events, I thank those especially in the transport industry and local government who have helped  answer my queries and supply me with material. They may not always agree with me, but they have been on the whole supportive and that’s appreciated.


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