Wynyard Quarter A Winner


I went for a stroll around Wynyard Quarter yesterday afternoon.
It felt like wandering around somewhere like San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf - smelling fresh but with a kind thoughtful nod to the past accompanied by the ding ding of the heritage trams doing the 1.5m circuit.
I think many Aucklanders will be bewildered as to how an amazing transformation happened so quickly without them realising because the media was distracted by the circus surround Party central further up the waterfront at Queens Wharf.
This area has a long-term vision and will become a sort after area to live and work in.
Congratulations to all involved and those with the will and determination to make it happen and support it.
You can check it out on Saturday during the open day - the timetable is here and trams will be running every 7 minutes.

Seaguls on North Wharf queue for the start of open day

A key attraction is the $32m Viaduct events centre designed by Gordon Moller of Sky Tower fame - a two-storied multi purpose exhibition space presently occupied by the Auckland Art Fair.

Viaduct events centre on Halsey St extension whard

My favourite spot in Silo Park - a peaceful park in the middle of what was a rather grimy industrial area. It’s at the foot of the old Golden Bay cement silos.

Silo Park and the Wind Tree sculpture

There is no doubt the heritage trams add character to the area - and will be a popular novelty.

Silo park

And then there’s the bridge. At last a connection between Viaduct harbour and Wynyard Quarter.

And there’s lots of green including replanted Pōhutukawas and a revitalised tree-lined Jellicoe Street now more a boulevard than a street.

Jellicoe st

Go explore!


Inside the Wynyard Loop trams Video & Photos
The Tank Farm turns into Silo Park
Te Wero Bridge-= video and photos




  1. Jonathan says:

    Had a look there myself yesterday also. It is absolutely amazing. Good stuff.

  2. Cam says:

    This looks fantastic. I’ll be there tommorow before I jump on the train out to Eden Park. This is really great, an important development for the city.

  3. George D says:

    I will do, soon! So happy about this. The Auckland we need.

  4. rtc says:

    Check out Sydney’s fantastic photos to get a good idea of how it’s looking:


  5. Patrick says:

    @rtc great photos from skyscrapercity,
    great start to the redevelopment for the area

  6. George D says:

    I love those cyclist signs!

    I hope they’ve put slow speed limits there, because there are a lot of very shared spaces.

    Loving the Auckland transformation, I have to say. So much has happened in the last couple of years. I’m also seeing the shared spaces working a lot better now that parking is being enforced.

  7. James B says:

    I’ve seen parking being enforced twice in two days. Hopefully Aucklander’s will get the message.

  8. Ian says:

    I understand one of the old double end North Shore Ferries has returned to Auckland. It would be nice to see that on the run again.

  9. Nick says:

    Wow what a great area, and some fun for Auckland. Its got a good quirky feel to it with the silos, gantry, wavy roof and levering bridge. The steel gantry provides a really good platform to watch whats happening in the park below. I think a lot of people will want to hangout there, its so different from what the other city parks offer.


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