Inside The Wynyard Loop Trams


Here’s the drivers view on Auckland’s heritage Wynyard Loop trams, which start running on Saturday during the Wynyard Quarter’s public open day.


The tram shed has been decorated with images of old Auckland trams - which ran around the streets up to 1956.

And here’s a video of a driver training on one of the two historic trams painted in the Auckland’s trams’ original carnation red liveryas they do the 1.5km circuit around the Wynyard Quarter.

Preview of area starts here
The Tank Farm turns into Silo Park
Te Wero Bridge-= video and photos




  1. George D says:


    Have they had revised electrics and drivetrains, or are they entirely vintage?

    I don’t mind either, but I imagine that the former is more likely, and has less reliability and maintenance issues.

  2. Paul in Sydney says:

    The trams look great

    The Bendigo tram crew have done a beautiful job

  3. Paul says:

    Nice idea and the Trams look good. However, I find it a shameful of the organisers to have sourced the trams from overseas and not from Motat where they have a few original Auckland trams that could have been made available. Or even a couple on loan from Christchurch till the ones from Motat could be revived as they won’t be using theirs for some time.

  4. David says:

    Good comment Paul.

    Yes, the organisers certainly haven’t been even the slightest bit of patriotic.

    Christchurch could have lent Auckland a couple of trams that weren’t currently being used, till original Auckland trams sitting at MOTAT were refurbished.

    That’s only if MOTAT didn’t already have a couple of spare original Auckland trams available for the council to use. Dave.


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