Remuera Gets Longer & Shiny


Remuera’s heritage train station has not only had its platforms lengthened but the station building is no longer off limits and has been given a nice clean up.
Longer trains start on the Southern and Eastern lines on July 18 and Remuera is one of the stations to benefit from extended playform work.

The local station preservation trust earlier did a magnificent job on restoring the signal box, The station buildings are considered one of the best examples of an “island” station (built as part of track duplication) left remaining in NZ.
Remuera began as a stop on the old Auckland-Onehunga route in 1873. In 1903 the government embarked on an expanded rail line programme and the duplicate line was built to Penrose, later extended all the way to Hamilton with stations built at Remuera, Greenlane, Ellerslie and Penrose.
The video company that was renting the building has gone and the cordons on the platform gone.

Remuera before the building was painted

Remuera during the platform work




  1. Matt L says:

    Looks good, also at least this station has real heritage rather than Parnell where the heritage is being manufactured

  2. geoff_184 says:

    I only hope they can do something with the last two remaining “authentic” stations, at Penrose and Wiri. The Wiri station building would be great for Puhinui, as an interchange for Manukau (since the bright sparks at KR can’t bring themselves to finish the 90% funded southern triangle link at Wiri).

  3. Patrick says:

    Yeah, Remuera does look good, They are apparently not sure what to do with Penrose, A paint job would be a start,
    A cafe probably wouldn’t work, maybe a museum of
    rail history in NZ, something would be good.

  4. KarlHansen says:

    I’d really like someone to actually USE the Remuera station building, but not sure what would work. Even a non-profit community use would be great - just so that it isn’t an empty building.

    And no, I don’t think a cafe would work! Too many hospitality businesses are already struggling. Maybe some other use that could have a *sideline* selling coffee and snacks…

  5. Simon says:

    While a full on cafe wouldn`t be viable, maybe a kiosk as mentioned above could work. Most stations in Japan in commuter areas have small kiosks selling all manner of mags, newspapers, drinks and snacks. Even Constellation Drive Busway station has a small coffee kiosk.

    And while we`re on utilising stations, couldn`t they improve New Lynn entrance area - it`s quite a large area but feels like it needs a kiosk or some activity (maybe a sushi snack bar etc).

  6. Ian M says:

    What an amazing improvement (though long overdue). Maybe the space inside the building could be hired out for community groups etc- an attractive proposition given that it is so well served with the rail link and close to town.

  7. Carl says:

    So do they have any seating anywhere apart from a couple of those little bits of wood sticking out?

    They spend all that money doing it up, they better open the inside for shelter because once again, another long platform with no cover.

  8. rtc says:

    Wonder why the DVD copying place moved out? Even a use such as that would at least provide a presence during the day and into the early evening.

  9. Brent C says:

    I see this is becoming a standard colours for historic stations around the country and inline with stations such as Plimmerton, Swanson, Tawa and the proposed Parnell Stop. Is there a reason for this?
    I liked the old Remuera colours, made the station look more historic.

  10. Martin says:

    @ Brent C

    Remuera’s colours were pretty out of charatcter for an old station. Its new paint scheme is a pretty common the world over for historic wooden stations.

  11. Matt L says:

    Just got back from the Warriors game and the station was all lit up and gleaming, it looked great at night.

  12. Finn says:

    Looks fantastic! Although I saw in one of the photos that the medal fence/gate thing was still there to stop people from getting to the station building (?).
    And instead of departing Ellerslie Station when Mainline Steam start their trips on the NAL, they can start here :)


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