5 More Carriages -That’s Your Lot


5 new carriages are being added to the Auckland trains rolling fleet.

This will help cope with increasing demand and overcrowding.

Auckland Transport says that’s it until the new electric trains arrive  in 2013.

The carriages will be added when longer trains start on the Southern and Eastern lines on July 18.

Veolia Transdev’s  General Manager Service Delivery, Steve Wade says six ‘five carriage’ trains and three ‘six carriage’ trains will be introduced over a week from 18 July on the eastern, southern and western lines which will mean more seats and more comfort for our customers on those higher demand services. “

Auckland Transport and Veolia Transdev ( (the new international name for Veolia) say they will match the longer trains to the busiest services.

They say this means that some Western Line services using six carriages will operate with four instead, as carriages are reallocated to where demand needs it most. The carriages will be used on the busiest southern and eastern line services.

Platform extensions on the lines are almost complete.

Greenlane os one of the stations that's been extended

This weekend there is another train network closure. Train services will be affected from 8pm on Friday with a progressive ramp-down of services until the full closure takes effect from 9.30pm.

The entire network will also be closed to trains on Saturday and Sunday. Replacement rail bus services will be provided and special timetables will be in place, including special rail bus services to league and rugby games.

Commuters attending the Warriors match at Mt Smart on Friday can take trains to the game and special rail bus services afterwards. This includes a special Western Line rail bus from Penrose, direct to Newmarket and then all stations on the Western Line.

Special rail buses will also be provided for the ITM Cup match between Auckland and Canterbury on Sunday, from Henderson, Britomart and Otahuhu.

The weekend work includes at Morningside station, work on the  new crossovers being developed and the longer canopies will be installed at Kingsland station for the RWC crowds.

The crossover will allow trains to leave from both platforms after games during the cup.  Morningside is the match day station for people travelling from and to the west.




  1. Andrew J says:

    Where is the 5th car coming from? The numbers don’t add up.

  2. Matt L says:

    These changes might work now but come march next year and especially 2013 things will be pretty crammed on some trains.

    Andrew - they are breaking up one of the 6 car sets currently used out west.

  3. Joyce - time for our trains! says:

    Common Mr. Joyce, when are you ording Auckland´s trains? You alreaday caused a massive delay through an incompetent approach to procuring the rolling stock.

    Perhaps he´s waiting a month out from the November elections to announce the contract has been let?

  4. Carl says:

    take the train to the game, then muck around with buses after?

    veiloa need to go back to france and someone in New Zealand needs to take control of train set situation and rid us of their the micky mouse ideas.

    They control to many important things in too many countries and really have 1/2 arsed ideas about it.

  5. geoff_184 says:

    Carl, timetables are planned by AT, not Veolia Transdev.

    The first EMU’s in service will be in 2014, so from this coming Monday, we face at least three years of no new capacity. Hopefully AT will get the ferns back on the job, or hire the SE set off GWRC.

  6. KarlHansen says:

    Carl, what do you prefer? Trains back for some rugby folks, or them getting a move on with upgrading our infrastructure? If rugby bus transport gives them another 5+ hours to get their work done, GO AHEAD.

    Even motorways and roads get closed when they have to do works, so let’s not get too precious about weekend rail closures. No pain no gain.

  7. Carl says:

    the fact we have a world cup coming and that we have only had 1/2 a dozen (possibly) ten tests at moving a massive amount of people very quickly away from sporting venues.

    do on a weekend the warriors are away and use the weekends they are home for more testing of staff and trains and stations and whatever.

    thats what I’m more worried about to be honest.

    its like the idiots in Perth this weekend, shutting down the two main stations when 30,000+ people are attending the states biggest indoor show.

    serially do people who work in Public transport actually do anything else outside there job? clearly not.

  8. Matt L says:

    Carl - The Warriors crowd is usually about 13k so were not talking huge numbers here, plus not much point in testing operations on a stadium that isn’t being used for the RWC. Furthermore last Fridays crowd was only about 10k and even on the big games there isn’t a large number using trains to get to the game.

    I also can’t imagine there will be a massive crowd for the ITM cup so lets not make a mountain out of a molehill.

  9. Carl says:

    its not the point of a different stadium, its the point of training up people to get use it.

    Who said the Rugby World Cup is the only thing we are going to host?

    testing resources is always better than not testing them.

  10. Riccardo says:

    What number of carriages would be saved if trains stopped running past Swanson?

    I loved the line to Waitakere through the tunnel but seemed such a waste.


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