What’s Next For New Lynn


So now demolition has started on the old New Lynn bus depot, what’s next there?

Waitakere City and Infratil Investment Property Ltd have agreed terms for a joint venture that will successively renew the centre of New Lynn. Plans include two multi-level buildings across the former bus station land and a portion of adjoining land on Totara Avenue.

One building will feature ground level retail shops and two levels of commercial real estate above. The second will be a tower complex featuring one level of retail and three levels of carparking to service business tenants and commuters. There are also plans for the tower to include a future residential development of up to 10 storeys.

Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey says the council entered into an agreement with Infratil to ensure any new developments in the heart of New Lynn were quality urban design builds in-fitting with its vision for a vibrant new regional town centre.

Mayor Harvey’s council- which will soon become integrated into the supercity- has been working closely with Fletcher Building and the owners of the old Crown Lynn site on a second stage of urban renewal.

In the meantime, work is due to commence in the new year on the construction of a major extension of Clark Street to Great North Road to bypass Totara Avenue and the redevelopment of the Totara Avenue and Todd Triangle Reserve retail area into a pedestrian-friendly shared space.

Following the official opening of the New Lynn Transport Interchange this morning, Waitakere Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse drove a digger bucket into the old shops to make way for construction of modern new buildings. Video here


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  1. Nick R says:

    Hmm, carparking building for commerical tennants of a building built on top of a rail station and bus interchange. Classic piece of Auckland work there.

  2. rtc says:

    sounds like Britomart all over again….the former Oriental markets site now has approximately 5 levels of carparking over almost its entire area, below which is the railway tunnel.

  3. Manny M says:

    I’m just glad they’ve finally bull-dozed that eye-sore of a bus depot. Not sure about the planned car park building though. I thought the new train station is supposed to encourage commuting via public transport.

  4. Johans says:

    I’m just concerned that from what I gathered there is no space for any future extensions of the bus station with that new building so close to it.

  5. rtc says:

    It’s surrounded by a sea of roads so there’s really space if they remove it from roading.


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