Te Papapa Stop Almost Go


One of the two specific stops on the Onehunga line - at Te Papapa around the corner from the new Onehunga station - is ready as far as its platform and furniture is concerned.

The revitalised Onehunga line reopens for commuters on September 20.

The platforms for Te Papapa and Penrose are reasonably basic but perfectly functional.

Te Papapa station is in the middle of a light industrial area next to an apartment block.

The station can be accessed from Mays Rd, or Captain Springs Rd or Malvern Rd.

Signal and track work continues in preparation for the re-opening of the line.

See also photos of
Penrose’s Onehunga platform
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  1. joust says:

    Looks good with the grass in. Will there be trains on the Sunday? Timetable appearing soon?

  2. Ian M says:

    Is there space for a second track? Or would the station have to be replaced?

  3. karl says:

    Is it just me, or do people agree that the number of light poles in the third-to-last photo seems slightly excessive? ;-)

  4. Nick R says:

    It’s just foreshortening, although the more lighting at a station in the industrial backwater of Onehunga the better!

  5. Joshua says:

    karl - I’m actually glad, poor lighting is a deter-ant to stations, the more lighting the safer it feels. So the more the better to me. I remember taking night trains from Mt Albert, it has extremely poor lighting, I’m ok with it but I know many people who would normally take the train but drove because they didn’t feel safe.

  6. Jon C says:

    It’s actually a very dark area in the middle of an industrial area that is no doubt deserted from about 5pm. The more lights the more safer people will feel.

  7. joust says:

    there’re plenty of people in Onehunga who will take exception to the “backwater” label, its that kind of thinking that kept this line’s opening happening as late as it did.

    More lighting the better and it is a decent distance from Mays Rd to the platform.

  8. karl says:

    I was primarily querying why they did not use one stronger light on a higher pole for, say, every three small poles. Sounds less expensive to me, for the same result.

  9. Nick R says:

    Joust, I wasn’t calling Onehunga a backwater, I meant that this station was in the industrial backwater parts of Onehunga.
    ‘deserted industrial fringe of Onehunga’ might have been a better choice of words.

    I’ve no doubt this station will be popular with the apartment dwellers over the road, but the specific location itself will benefit from plenty of lighting.

  10. Johans says:

    I think the reason on the choice of lighting was to minimize light pollution especially when it’s near those ugly apartments.

    To be honest… booo hoooo..

  11. Joshua says:

    karl - I wouldn’t be surprised if it works our more economical, assuming they are using the same light poles though out the rail upgrade you would be ordering in bulk, with significant discounts.

    Plus you would want to keep the same look, and these poles do look quite smart.

  12. Ian M says:

    It would be great if the Onehunga Line would be non stop from Penrose to Newmarket during peak time. It would be a real insentive for people to use it. The few people who want to use other stations can just transfer.

  13. DanC says:

    It looks really good.

  14. Carl says:

    why is a shelter built with no spouting? another fail… who actually builds these things? do they actually take in account that Auckland has a huge rainfall?

    its like all the bus shelters when it rains, everybody crams in because the excess roof water pours over the side.

    concreate looks crap, have no idea why so much tarseal and concrete is being used. Pavers look so much better, also if problems ever arise they are easily removed and replaced….

    but again… some mistakes being made time after time.

  15. karl says:

    Don’t agree that the concrete looks like crap - and the maintenance costs are lower than pavers.

    With a cash-strapped PT system like ours, I’d prefer to have a workable concrete surface than a better-looking but pricey paver surface for which we then have to spend more maintenance money.

  16. Carl says:

    ^ are you a landscaper? because I think you’ll find, quickly uplifting pavers or any work required, would be far less expensive than hiring a machine to first smash the concrete open, then remove the rubble then replacing it.

    like to see your figures, but I pretty sure your wrong. I have many contacts in the paving industry and they always recommend them over concrete, they lose money because it cost the customer less, but in the longer run, should any problem arise they are easily removed replaces cut, cleaned whatever.

    the other point is the visual effect is also nice if you have a design do up some patterns or what not.

    might sound stupid but id dear say more than 70% of stations here are paved.

  17. Ralph says:

    Does anyone know where/when the timetables will published? Had a quick look at maxx website but didn’t notice it.
    I read somewhere it’s 30mins peak and hourly offpeak.


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