Onehunga’s Penrose Platform


The Penrose platform for the Onehunga line is ready but track work was continuing today.

The platform for the Onehunga line is nearer Mt Smart stadium than the original old station and line - and you can get a feel for the distance between them from the photos.

To get from one station to the other you would have to access the long foot overbridge. But if you are walking along Mt Smart Rd, the entrance to the Onehunga platform is only a few steps up.

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  1. Ian M says:

    You should have taken a photo of the platform from the side of the road. It’s completely tagged and an eye sore. Something must be done about this.

  2. Jon C says:

    @Ian M I did but I am trying to avoid publishing them. Some of these taggers have discovered this site and judging by their emails to me, get off on seeing their work shown and the angry comments about them.

  3. karl says:

    Plant some shrubbery in front?

  4. William M says:

    And let them urinate on it instead?

  5. karl says:

    So what? Shrubs don’t care if they are urinated on, and you can’t see it.

  6. Simon says:

    Make sure they`re lemon trees!

  7. Make sure they are thorn trees - hopefully it will shred their useless idle hands to shreds - the losers. Have you got photoshop ? If not - email me the pics first and I will fix them for you - there won’t be any tags left once I am done with them.

  8. rtc says:

    As long as Auckland Transport gets serious about tagging and hires a company to remove it with 24hrs like NZTA does for the motorway corridors it’s less of an issue.

    It’s definitely worth removing the tags using photoshop before posting them on here - just replace each tag with the text ‘loser’.

  9. Ian M says:

    Surely this is what community service should be for. Once they get caught tagging they have to paint over it, and they can pay for the paint (in an ideal world)

  10. Carl says:

    Jon, the first picture of the sheltar, id just like to ask a question before I make a comment.

    has the platform recently been hosed down?

    if not it goes to show that once again my point of these shitty little sheltars they conintue to build do not actually protect you from the elements… if that is correct the picture shows its soaking wet even underneath the roof section…

    I again I ask what the point of them being built is?

    surely the people that design these things would look at weather reports and patterns and actually spend time out there seeing how the weather effects the area?

    sorry but its another FAIL

  11. Matt L says:

    Carl - We have had heavy mist and fog in Auckland today, I work on the 24th floor of a building in town and we still couldn’t see anything out of the windows at 3pm. Everything was wet no matter how much shelter it had.

    By comparison, yesterday it was pouring when I got to my local station, under the shelter it was completely dry and was dry right up to the edge of the platform

  12. DanC says:

    It should be legal to shoot a tagger if you have photographic evidence of them doing it. But only in the knees. I wonder why they get off on being hated by the general public.

  13. Ian M says:

    A lone sniper than patrols auckland railways, shooting at the knees would do the trick. Would be a good deterrent and taggers would soon learn quick.

  14. Geoff says:

    The platform edge is to be painted prior to opening, and thereafter cleared of graffiti on a daily basis, and of course CCTV cameras will be operating. It’s only being left now because there’s no point in painting it until the usual security measures are put in place.

  15. Bill says:

    The work on the line and stations are wonderful, the only thing ruining all this hard work is those damn taggers. Don’t they have anything better to do than sabotage the line and stations with their criminalistic artwork. Hope the police pick them up and the courts drop them of at a Youth Detention Centre where they sure belong.

  16. Doloras says:

    I’m sorry, but the hate speech towards taggers unnerves me. It’s like listening to Rwandan radio in 1994, with “tagger” instead of “Tutsi”. This reminds me of that guy on the bettertransport forum who started going on about wanting it legal to kill cyclists because one pissed him off. People really don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with “harmless venting” (i.e. hate speech)… until it goes too far.

  17. Andrew says:

    You could pixelate or blur the bits of the photos with the tagging - that way you show that there is a graffiti problem without showing off the individual tags.

  18. Jon C says:

    @Andrew true but I don’t believe in Photoshopping or altering the photos I publish, You should see things as they are. The only concession I made is I try to avoid showing licence plate numbers which is standard media practice but i still don’t want to start blurring images. What you see if what you get! But I can’t hide all tagging.

  19. Paul says:

    @Eye on Auckland

    Photoshops’ a beautiful thing. Jon that’s not a bad idea. I’d be happy also to clean up an image now and then

    If only it was that easy to get rid of the real stuff


  20. Carl says:

    wow, its great to see no one actually really sees the real problems in the pictures with the useless platform covers…

    taggers will never stop, just look at the likes of style wars and bansky, of whom I’m avid fan of.

    until you ban media, your never going to stop it and having a cry about it on a public forum is going to do nothing.

    you can have all the cctv in the world, unless teh police actually start locking a few up ( which the wont ) its just going to carry on.

    this is actually a really boring thread.

  21. joust says:

    fines are the way to go, vandals have a bit of a dilemma, they want to remain anonymous, but at the same time make sure all their little mates know who did what. Once someone is caught its not hard to link them to a whole lot of other incidents.

    and Doloras, I agree that violent/hate speech is not cool. outrage probably only fuels things along. I’m not impressed by vandalism and its not the way those who get along in our society operate. Its sad kids (because thats who they are, immature) feel that negative activities like this are a way of “expressing” themselves and gaining positive attention from their peers.

  22. Ngaire says:

    Jon. Many thanks for more super photos. What is the name of the road on the right of the Penrose station (photo labled “pen1correct?”) I guess it’s Great South since the station is on the left and would be on the right if it was Station road facing Penrose station.

    Not all taggers are “little kids expressing themselves”. I was on a train to Papakura when two young men old enough to be at work, came into the carriage and looked out the windows at the tags. One said to the other “we haven’t done that one yet” and rushed to the door to get off at the next stop. Very few, if any, will grow up to be useful members of society - most, if not all, will eventually be installed in “hotels” with everything laid on - paid for by the taxpayers of course.


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