Hamilton’s Secret Underground Rail Station (+Photos)



Is this an outtake from those underground train scenes in The Matrix or something from a zombieHam Central old access ramp movie at the scene of where flesh-eating creatures have been living for years?

Neither, actually but something far more exciting.

As pressure grows for a Waikato-Auckland train service, here’s where the Hamilton stop should be.

Right under the Centrepoint shopping centre right smack dab in the middle of Hamilton’s central city.

Ham Central with JonIt’s a no-brainer. These photos show what was Hamilton Central station but as you can see it’s not been in use since 1995 as a passenger train station. It ‘s within 300 mtrs walk from Victoria Ave, Fonterra offices, Hamilton City Council and many other larger Hamilton offices. It is about 1km from the present Hamilton (Frankton) station.

Campaign For Better Transport and Hamilton Trains NOW!’s  Jon Reeves (left) and Melissa along with some Hamilton City Council staff visited the underground station platform to see the current state of it.

Let’s organize a working bee, get it spruced up and get that Silver Fern service to Auckland moving!




  1. William M says:

    I remember a friend from High School managing to get in from one of the tunnel entrances and doing a sort of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ film based in the tunnel. Oh the days of mischief in the ‘Tron!

  2. Sam F says:

    Ooo! But even when spruced up, would it be busy enough to be safe during the day, let alone at night?

  3. Cambennett says:

    Wow i never knew that existed. Having trains run from cbd to cbd would be fantastic.

    I really hope sanity prevails and the Hamilton commuter service gets the go ahead.

  4. Peter says:

    Victoria Street not Victoria Avenue

  5. Jon C says:

    @Peter Thanks for pointing it out. Must have been an Aucklander who wrote that LOL

  6. Giovanni says:

    I escorted friends of mine to catch a train there many months before they closed it off.They had travelled many European countries and said the state of this rail station was the worst they had ever seen.Open it up again after given a fresh coat of paint,security cameras,piped Concert Station music and more lighting should do it.

  7. ralph says:

    I would love to see a shuttle service from a park and ride.located somewhere on the east side maybe on the ring road. across to innovation park, Claudlands event center. central station and on out to the base, where another park and ride could be located.


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