Electric bike is enlisted in the Guinness Record Book




German inventors have always driven progress in the technology. Recently they have shown the electric bike Black Trail with the capable electric traction. It gives a possibility to run up to 100 kilometers per hour. The secret of the speed is not only the powerful traction but also the maximum easiness of the bike’s corpus.


If you look deep inside, we will see that the construction includes such materials that are usually used in the building of the space ships of NASA. The important role is given to the development of technologies belonging to the company UBC GMBH that projects and invents engines and highly technological car components for Formula-1. Consequently, the stated model should be considered as the lightest and the quickest electric bicycle currently. Particularly, its weight is 19.8 kilos.


No wonder, Black Trail was enlisted in the Guinness Record Book as the most unique speed electric bicycle. Actually, Black Trail was made in a limited collection, only 667 items. To make emphasis on bigger individuality, the company gives possibility to its clients to choose the individual serial number. This idea was taken as the overnight success. Particularly, German businessman bought it for 120 thousand euro before its exhibition into the market. The usual price of Black Trail has not been known.


If you are interested in the technical characteristics of Black Trail, you will be happy to know that computer is inserted there with such functions as accumulator, status of charge, indicator of the speed, light, managing engine, and other modes. As well, the average speed is 30-50 kilometers per hour, distance with maximum speed is 40-60 kilometers per hour, while the distance with the average speed is 160-200 kilometers. If you want to buy another model, a great variety of electric bikes are accessible in the market, just don’t forget to search for your best model at roue libre de vélo.


The perfect product page for your ecommerce


Here is 9 examples of winning ecommerce product pages. Workit: http://workit-software.com provides its customers with a 360° view of their market in real-time. Workit come track the competitive prices and a tool to monitor prices. But also here is 14 of the Best Product Page Design Examples We’ve Ever Seen.

You don’t need any design skills to creae a good product page layout. The key is to remember that a good product page will attract the prospects you want and provoke the reaction you hoped for. The keys to a good product page are product image, product descriptions, clear pricing, add-to-cart buttons, customer reviews and related products. Follow these steps to make your product page a success!

1- Product Image

The product image is the first thing your customer will see. Make sure you pick an image that stands out and looks desirable. Remember that presentation is key. The way you display your product images will directly affect your sales. Always use high-quality photos and show that your brand is unique. You only need a decent camera to do this, or you can even take photos with your mobile phone.

2- Product descriptions

Your product descriptions must be clear, helpful and interesting. They must contain enough information so that your customers can make clear and informed decisions on whether your product is a good choice for them. Provide both a short and long version of your description. Some customers like to read a detailed description about a product they want to buy but some people prefer a to-the-point approach.

3- Clear pricing

Make sure you pick a layout design which shows your price clearly. If the price is hard to spot, you can lose many potential sales. To make sure your product price cannot be missed, use a larger font size than the rest of the text, a contrasting color and place it near the “buy” button. For more competitive prices, companies can use the price monitoring software Amazon price tracker.

4- Add-to-cart Buttons

The goal of your product page is to make your customers click the add-to-cart button. Therefore, it has to be the most dominating element on the page. Use a sizeable button in a contrasting color. You can even add an icon to make it stand out even more.

5- Display Customer Ratings

Nowadays, most customers read online reviews and ratings before buying a product. You should collect reviews as soon as possible and display them on your product pages. If you are selling a product, you should believe in it so you shouldn’t be scared of bad reviews. Make sure you answer your ratings with courtesy and professionalism.

6- Show related products

You can easily list related products at the bottom of your product pages. It is one of the most effective and famous ways to cross-sell a shopper. By displaying recommended or related products you can offer your customers more products they might enjoy or a similar product if the one they are looking at isn’t right for them.