Lincoln Rd Update


NZTA opens part of the new Selwood Road Bridge to traffic at the Lincoln Road interchange on the Northwestern Motorway next Monday.

Two lanes will open to traffic marking completion of the first half of the bridge as part of the Lincoln Road improvements. Motorists will notice the lanes are in their usual layout as construction continues.

After opening, crews will demolish piece by piece the existing 45 year old bridge beside it. During this time the SH16 eastbound motorway lanes will be closed between the Brigham Creek Road roundabout and Lincoln Road off-ramp. This will take place from midnight Friday January 6 until midday Sunday January 8.

The next stage of work will be to build the other half of the new bridge. It will be finishedd in 2013, with seven lanes for traffic and a shared path for walkers and cyclists.

The $100M Lincoln Road improvements are part of a suite of projects in the Western Ring Route.

In the event of wet weather, the bridge will open to traffic on the next fine night next week.




  1. Matt L says:

    It looked like it was getting close with the seal put down a few days ago and lane markings done overnight.

  2. rtc says:

    “seven lanes for traffic and a shared path for walkers and cyclists.”

    This speaks volumes about NZTA’s priorities, 7 lanes for cars and pedestrians and cyclists have to share.

    What justifies increasing the number of lanes apparently 4-5 fold compared with the 2 lanes that are there now? Seems crazy.

  3. BD says:

    Not even enough room for a north-west busway then what a big waste of $100M and worse thing of all it comes out of our pocket!!!!!

  4. Max says:

    rtc - the bridge is essentially a big new car park for cars waiting to get onto the motorway. Then some lanes so that the small commercial area to the north can also be accessed freely, at all times.

    That “justifies” 7 lanes.

    However, I am less concerned about the single shared footpath to the north (it is a relatively small area after all, with no onward connections). What I am worried about is that the west-east Northwestern Cycleway extension they are building will have to cross the whole intersection at grade, through lots of signals. A cycling overbridge, for convenience of those who AREN’T clogging the motorway? “Sorry, just wasn’t in the cards…”

    I am happy the cycleway got extended, but seeing the comparative quality and budgets, I can’t but be a bit underwhelmed.

  5. rtc says:

    @Max - yes I’ve seen the plans for the crossings, something like 3-5 independent crossings that have to crossed one by one to get across all this huge road.

  6. Bryan says:

    It wouldn’t have been hard to put the cycleway under the two ramps, and then under the new overbridge (with a protective barrier).

  7. Adam says:

    @RTC…are you serious?? Considering the tiny volume of foot and cycle traffic across that bridge I’d say you were lucky to even get one lane.

    That intersection is possibly one of the busiest in west Auckland and the upgrade is sorely needed. We’ve already had one ‘screw up’ in the waste of money (and space) spent on the Triangle Road cycle lane where a third lane for paying road traffic is really required. If you want better conditions for cyclists then start thinking about paying for the privilege.

    As a motorcyclist primarily I’m sitting in the least catered for bracket on the road and am sick of hearing about whingeing cyclists. I used to cycle on Auckland roads and found them to be more than adequate.

  8. Bryce says:

    “Auckland - half arsed since ages ago”


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