A Stitch Ahead Of Time


NZTA’s “Big Stitch” over the weekend went well with both the new motorway bridges over Newmarket getting joined together.

The pre-publicity successfully scared traffic off and the motorway opened 2 hours ahead ot time.

Newmarket stitched | NZTA

This is not the end of it. It’s leading to the removal of the old bridge completely which happens December next year.

The viaduct is being entirely replaced in four stages of construction and deconstruction.

Stage 1 has seen the first half of the new viaduct built immediately adjacent to the old southbound lanes – and southbound traffic is now travelling across this new structure. While northbound traffic continues to use the old structure, the old southbound lanes have been removed through stage 2 of the project to make way for the new northbound lanes, which are being built in this newly vacated space (Stage 3).

Once northbound traffic has been moved onto the new northbound structure, the old northbound lanes will then be removed (Stage 4), to ultimately reveal a brand new Newmarket Viaduct, standing approximately 15 metres to the north-east of where the original structure has stood for the last 50 years.

Newmarket work completed | NZTA

In May this year, the NZ Transport Agency opened a fourth southbound lane across the new viaduct, thereby removing the traditional peak-hour bottleneck.
The new viaduct aalso ddresses a number of seismic, safety and environmental limitations that were inherent in the old structure.





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