AMETI Means Panmure Change


Construction of the first AMETI Panmure transport project will see a number of changes this month for users of the Panmure railway station.

Changes to access to Panmure Station platforms for some passengers from December 12. Access from Mountain Rd to platform 1 (trains to CBD) will be closed, with passengers asked to use access from the centre of the platform or from access from the Ellerslie Panmure Highway end of the station.

Mobility access is only from the Ellerslie Panmure Highway end. Access from Mountain Rd to platform 2 (trains south) via the stairs will be closed, passengers can still use the ramp.

Auckland Transport and contractor Downer recently began work to realign Mountain Rd and replace the bridge over the rail line.

Upcoming changes related to AMETI Panmure construction are:

  • From Monday 5 December until 26 December access over the Mountain Rd bridge will be one way only towards Forge Way. Vehicles heading towards Panmure Roundabout from the Mt Wellington side of Mountain Rd will need to use Ellerslie Panmure Highway.
  • Mountain Rd bridge will be closed from Boxing Day until early next year (exact date to be confirmed) while work is carried out on a new bridge. A new higher and longer bridge is necessary for electrification of the rail network and to allow for the new AMETI link road.
  • Demolition of buildings along Ellerslie Panmure Highway
  • ¬†Ongoing work on new temporary Park and Ride spaces.

Panmure residents can find out more about the construction and future AMETI plans at an information day being held next Saturday 10 December from 10 to 1pm at Panmure Bridge School hall, 76 Kings Road, Panmure.




  1. damage says:

    Fletcher construction have won the 1st Phase of the AMETI project.

    Lets hope the $6million premium they paid for Fletchers is worth it.


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