High Winds Make Rena Lift Difficult


Weather is making difficult the salvage of containers from the grounded ship Rena.

RENA: A harnessed in salvor checking the container locks | MNZ

The removal of containers paused this afternoon due to high winds- they exceeded 24 knots.

MNZ Salvage Unit Manager Kenny Crawford said a total of 31 containers had now been removed. However, the removal of containers had paused this afternoon due to high winds.

“It is important to bear in mind that conditions onshore can be vastly different to conditions at sea and salvors will continue to make the most of good weather as it comes along.:

RENA: Salvors cutting the locks connecting the containers in preparation for removal | MNZ

A number of factors affect container salvage operations. These include the height, direction and period of swell as well as the wind speed and sea state.

“Long, slow, deep swells can cause particular concern for salvors as any movement below is amplified at the top of the crane,” Mr Crawford said.

RENA: Two more containers are lifted off | MNZ

Meanwhile, in consultation with the appropriate authorities, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s harbourmaster has amended the exclusion zone off the Bayof Plenty coast, with MNZ’s support.

From midnight tonight, the exclusion zone will be reduced to three nautical miles around the cargo ship Rena.

National On Scene Commander Mick Courtnell also reminded beach-goers to take care over the weekend.

“It’s important people remember that the beaches are not the same as they were before Rena grounded. There is still residual oil in the sand and in the water, and people should take care.

“Access restrictions remain in place at Maketū Spit and for about 3km east ofHarrison’s Cut past the Pāpāmoa Surf Lifesaving Club to Alexandra Place.




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