Greens Propose Wellington Light Rail


Scrapping the Transmission Gully Levin to the airport motorway in place of a modern light rail network for Wellington is the key part of the Greens’ Wellington transport plan released today.

Yesterday the Greens released their Auckland transport plan that included scrapping the prpposed holiday highway and funding 60% of the CBD rail link.

MP Gareth Hughes said the proposed motorway won’t solve congestion. “It will bring more cars into an already congested city undermining the opportunity to deliver better trains and buses.

“We’ll shift that $2.4 billion into better alternatives including a modern light rail network for Wellington that will reduce congestion and lower the cost of getting around.”

Wellington;s Greens mayor has already campaigned for a light rail around Wellington city.

The Government is currently spending $5 on new roads for every $1 they spend on alternatives.

The Green Party proposes spending $1 on public transport, walking, and cycling infrastructure for every $1 spent on roads.

Rush hour in downtown Wellington

“The Green Party will make sure communities have a real say over transport, rather than just bulldozing ahead with poorly designed roading solutions, like the Basin Reserve flyover or the Kapiti Expressway.”

Greens Wellington plan




  1. ingolfson says:

    Uuuuh, cue the screaming, and the “Wellington will wither on the vine” arguments.


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