Dominion Rd Project Moves Ahead (Slowly)


Auckland Transport is about to begin geotechnical investigation along Dominion Road to inform the design for the Dominion Road Upgrade project.

Auckland Transport recently reviewed the project which was begun under the previous Auckland City Council.  The project will upgrade footpaths and landscaping in village centres along the route, widen bus lanes and upgrade the road. As a result of community feedback, Auckland Transport has decided it will retain the ability for cars to park in bus lanes outside peak hours.

Auckland Transport Dominion Road Upgrade Project Director Theunis van Schalkwyk says: “In order for the design to progress, we need to understand the state of the current road structure and the ground beneath it. We also need to carry out a preliminary investigation of the location of services within the road reserve. This involves digging test trenches and boring geotechnical testing holes.”

Weather permitting, geotechnical investigations are scheduled to begin on  November 21 and be completed by mid-December.

The work will involve digging 30cm wide by 4m long service test trenches across the footpaths and berms on both sides of the road and surveying using a hand auger, which is steel tool used to make a small hole to test the earth. Works are expected to be completed within two days at each location, including reinstatement of the footpath and grass berm. Access to properties will not be affected.

Auckland Transport thanks the community in advance for their patience during these works and requests that children and pets are supervised when approaching the works area.

Dominion Rd: The slow process to upgrade

A public information day is planned during February , the design is expected to be completed in mid-2013 and construction is expected to begin later in the same year.





  1. Rtc says:

    So much for the idea to move the bus lanes into the center of the road - this sounds like a half assed job and the buses don’t even get 24hr bus lanes. This on what is probably Auckland’s flagship PR route.


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