More Of These Signs Please


I was in a crowded peak time Western Line train last night - and only when I got out and could see the window as I made way through to the door did I see this sign…

FREE WI-FI: One Auckland train has it

I wished I had seen it earlier! It had been the one journey when I thought I wouldn’t go nuts on accessing the net.

Mid-September Tomizone switched on free Wi-Fi on Link buses but also revealed it was piloting Wi-fi on one train too.

This is a trial and and after six months it may be extended throughout more public transport.

The launch is part of an Auckland Transport six month pilot which will operate with Auckland Council’s already established WI-FI zone. Patrons will be able to utilise the internet free of charge from bus or train to pavement.

In a crowded train, you may not see the sign on the train window. And rushing on board from a crowded Britomart platform (especially with the train late and stopping for only 5 minutes), people are scrambling for a seat not noticing the signs on the window. There’s already plenty of sign clutter in a train.

They need to sing and dance about it and paint the train outside with signs saying this is a Wi-Fi train! It shows public transport is moving with the times and another attractive hook to get people interested.

Like this bus spotted back in July on Auckland streets:

ASB is sponsoring a free wi fi bus

So watch out for the train. It’s SD6026.

And let’s hope more come onstream after the trial.




  1. Matt L says:

    I’m on it right now and using the wifi :-)

  2. Si says:

    Has anyone else been having trouble connecting to the service? This is the the third time I’ve managed to be in the right carriage and although it worked fine for me the first time it’s not worked the second and third times. I can connect to the SSID but I don’t get an IP address. I have to go back to my normal method of tethering…

  3. Bryan says:

    I’ve managed to connect once, but the performance was really slow compared to Telecom’s mobile broadband, and it stopped working altogether at New Lynn and Grafton (no repeaters?).

    Might be ok for facebook, but no good for working (or HD on YouTube).

  4. Paul Q says:

    @Bryan - do you seriously think they are providing free wi-fi for things like YouTube and data hungry work requirements!

    It’s to enable people to read mail and browse the web and other less hungry requirements.


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