Escalator Crisis Time!


Is anyone counting how often the escalators at Britomart are out of action - or need maintenance?

I see it’s that time again.

I always love the way there’s a worker and a security guard forever peering over the construction zone area.

But no one ever sees anyone actually fixing it or doing whatever maintenance you do.

Last April the out of action situation felt as if it went on for ages…

Bizarrely the escalator issue is one of the most popular on this site as people are so damn frustrated by it !

WhenIi saw it tonight I ignored it thinking not another escalator story please…

But 15 people have set me photos of the current problem (thanks!)… here is one of them

BRITOMART LAST NIGHT: It's escalator out of action time again

April last year

And in December before that:

What can one do to fix it? No one ever seems to have a simple answer. Always lots of scratching of heads.

How do we fix this?

The record seemed to be November 2009 when it took 34 days to fix a broken escalator at Britomart.

Whatever the problem, it didn't look healthy


As a very last resort, security guards always get summoned for advice!



  1. Matt L says:

    It was being worked on last week and I have been thinking the same thing, why does this keep happening as its probably costing a fortune each time

  2. joust says:

    we’ll need more safe and reliable escalators coming up to the surface from the City link stations.

  3. Ben says:

    I was wondering who that person was taking that picture (the first one in this post) of the guard and the person from the Main Control Room :P

    I gave up counting how many times those escalators are out of action, just like I have given up how many times the lift is also out of action.

    Then again both get a royal pounding day in day out with train passengers

  4. Jon C says:

    Ben not me. Commuters have been sending me more photos of broken escalators than photos of trains! I have emails full of them.
    It’s a hot topic.

  5. Ben says:

    Ok, never mind :P

    Any case interesting to note that these escalators (and the lift for that matter) has become a hot topic indeed. I suppose I could vouch for it though as I/we get enquires on the Britomart Platform.

    I wonder if it is out of action again today (which would make it day (oh gave up :P )

  6. Matt L says:

    It was working again this morning

  7. Peter in Sydney says:

    Some of our newer inner city stations have been built with 3 escalators, some even with 4. The ones with 3 run with two in the peak direction and one in the off peak direction. When one is being maintained/ repaired there are still 2 in service. Perhaps 3 would be a good idea for the CRL stations now that it is becoming more and more likely that it will be built. And while I am on CRL I hope that the platforms will be built 9 cars long because it is next to impossible to do later!

  8. San Luca says:

    Always happens in Henderson. Mind you its not just the escalators to the train platform and the cause is invariably bored teens


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