RWC Final: 41,000 Walk Fan Trail


We know the score!

Here’s the official stats from last night’s transport and Fan Zones for the RWC Final.

And the incredible stat is that 41,000 walked the Fan Trail to Eden Park.

CRAZY; A good natured festive atmosphere in Sandringham Rd

4000 of those people then caught the train back from Kingsland to Britomart before kick-off, after walking the fan trail!

Good one then, it is fun! Other public transport stats are here

A peak total of 37,000 across the Waterfront Fanzones watched the TV match screening.

All waterfront Fanzones were at capacity-

  • Queens Wharf with a peak crowd of approximately 11,000.
  • Captain Cook Wharf with a peak of approximately 14,000
  • Marsden Wharf with a peak of approximately 4,500
  • Wynyard Quarter with a peak of approximately 7,500
  • A peak crowd of 18,000 people across the Aotea precinct (Aotea Square, Queen Street and Wakefield St) during the match screening
  • At Albany, 10,000 attended the Fanzone throughout the evening-  6100 watched the match screening
  • At Mangere 12,300 attended the Fanzone throughout the evening - 4400 watched the match
  • At Henderson only 3800 attended the Fanzone, peaking at just over 2600.
  • Police report only 2 evictions from Eden Park (5 by police and 7 by security), one arrest
  • There were 41 evictions from Waterfront Fanzones, no arrests reported at 1 am .

RWC  Rail patronage and public transport stats




  1. Chris says:

    All thanks to the 2010 football world cup in South Africa for the idea

  2. Matt L says:

    That is an absolutely amazing number and about 3 times the number for any other game, Auckland Transport and the Council can be pleased of the good job they did to make it exciting and well managed.

    Also saw this picture which illustrates the crowd walking along Bond St, incredible.

  3. I think you might mean 12 evictions (5 by police, 7 by security), if my numbers serve me right?

  4. Pete says:

    One stat that is always missing (apart from the questionable and bizarrely low lack of arrests) is admissions to the regions emergency departments. I suggest that record is more telling.

  5. Matt L says:

    Pete - I would suggest that there might have been an increase in the number heart attacks last night :-)


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