RWC ABs Victory Parade Today


The Mayor is inviting Aucklanders to a victory parade up Queen Street  from 2.30pm Monday to celebrate New Zealand’s 8-7 win over France in the Rugby World Cup 2011  Final.

All Blacks fans are encouraged to show their support and pride by wearing black and bringing their car-flags and other flags.

The parade will honour the new RWC 2011 champion players, coaches and support staff. It will also feature the Webb Ellis Cup.

Len Brown will congratulate the team during the parade up Auckland’s main street.

The parade begins at the corner of Albert Street and Customs Street West at 2.30pm. It will move along Customs Street West and up Queen Street, ending at the corner of Wellesley Street and Mayoral Drive (see attached map).

The parade is expected to end by 3.30pm.

Customs Street West, Queen Street, Wellesley Street and a number of other roads in the city centre will be closed to traffic.

Important information for anyone attending the parade:

  • Expect the city to be extremely busy before, during and after the parade. Plan ahead and aim to get into town in plenty of time before the parade begins to ensure a good vantage point. Expect large crowds.
  • There will be traffic delays due to a number of road closures, so walk if possible.
  • Bus, train and ferry services will operate and these are expected to be busy.

On-street parking will be heavily restricted. Parking will be available at a number of city centre car park buildings.




  1. Sam says:

    very proud of Auckland on this- We have an event that was secret (supposedly), and not finalized until 16 hours before it begins. Decent road closures have been sorted, and the train timetables for the day are very appropriate looking with a massive increase in services throughout the day. Even the Maxx website is up to date!

    Town was increadibly busy Last night- everyone decided to give the city one last chance for this unrepeatable event. They were prepared to close whatever roads they needed to this time (and closed just about everything!) We bussed in and out: so many buses were lined up and officials were on and off them who had the authority to redirect/ reschedule them where they deemed necessary. No waiting to get out at 11:45pm, and no standees. My only complaint is not keeping the Dominion Road bus lanes clear of parked cars for games… that has sucked the whole tournament.

    Aotea fanzone was a huge success-with screens on Wakefield street, Queen street and on Aotea Square there was an enourmous added capacity and it really made the whole city come to life. Queen Street was a very dense but free flowing river of people from afternoon onwards. I hope there are some aerial photos as they would be amazing!

    How did the trains go? seems everyone in town went toward Britomart after the game- did they handle the pressure?

  2. Pete says:

    Has Lennie got rid of the trash in Aotea yet?

  3. Ben says:

    Britomart went fine, experienced minor to moderate delays but NO cancellations to services post match (that I was aware of). Couple of “empty” services had to be turned into “full” services at the end of the schedule as Britomart had a last minute rush of passengers wanting to go home.

    But I think we got the passengers home in one piece - and the rail buses were flat out as well but still, people got home in one piece :D


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