RWC: PT Works, Fan Trail Popular


The Fan Trail was again the winner last night. Almost 11,000 people walked to the Eden Park match along the Fan Trail.

Typically smartly dressed Aussie rugby fans walk to the RWC game

Authorities say public transport operations ran smoothly to and from last night’s Wales vs Australia match.

They say all trains cleared form the Eden Park area within 55 minutes and buses within 65 minutes and ll roads re-opened within 75 minutes after the match.

AKT did get complaints before the match from peak time bus commuters who were unaware their Sandringham Rd buses were being re-routed through Dominion Rd and insisted bus stop signs had said this wasn’t happening until 7.30pm.

At the fan zones:
At the waterfront Fanzones (Queens Wharf, Captain Cook Wharf, Wynyard Quarter Fanzone, a peak total of just under 10,000 were there the match screening. 49,000 visited Queens Wharf throughout the day with a peak crowd of approximately 9600. 5500 visited Captain Cook Wharf with a peak of 70 during the match.

At Albany a total crowd of 5,000 attended the Fanzone throughout the evening. Around 2100 were on hand to watch the match screening

At alcohol-free Manghere 4400 attended the Fanzone throughout the evening, 2100 watched the match.

Numbers are still smaller for Henderson, which had 880 last week. A total crowd of 1800 attended that Fanzone, peaking at just over 1000 during the Stan Walker concert.

Police report seven evictions from Eden Park ( by police and by security), no arrests and no arrests at Fanzones.




  1. Jarrod says:

    Went to the game last night. Walked out at the end and got on the second train to Britomart. Had to wait there for about 15 mins to get the train to Meadowbank. All in all i took about 30 mins to get home. Awesome. Very impressed.

  2. Matt L says:

    It did not work smoothly last night, a train broke down out west and all of the passengers on our train were dumped at Sunnyvale for about 30 minutes and had to wait for buses. That was already after waiting for about 20 minutes at Morningside for a train to turn up. In the end I didn’t get home till after 12:30 as a result

  3. Matt says:

    Matt L, the number of problems we’ve had with train breakdowns during the RWC are proof positive that new trains cannot arrive soon enough for Auckland. Probably the single biggest draw for new regular patrons will be the reliability, which is widely known to be a disincentive for people at present because they’re never quite sure if they’re going to end up trapped on a train for hours because of a breakdown; on their train, or on another.

  4. Matt L says:

    Matt - On the whole the trains have been fairly well behaved during the RWC, certainly more so than normal. Just before the RWC however (around July/August) there were huge problems with trains breaking down.


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