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Applications to the RWC 2011 Authority are being made to increase the waterfront fan zones because of anticipated extra crowds for the finals weekend.

The applications seek to:
• Increase the capacity of Captain Cook Wharf from 10,000 to 14,000
• Create a Fanzone space on Marsden wharf with an approximate capacity of 4,500
• License Wynyard Quarter Fanzone to provide a full food and beverage offer to fans and ensure the experience there is the equivalent to the wharves
• Create a back up outdoor Fanzone space at the Aotea precinct with the RWC 2011 Final live on big screens.
Captain Cook and Marsden Wharves will be used as an overflow facilities for Queens Wharf which has a limit of 10,000 people.

If the wharves are full fans will have the option of heading to the Wynyard Quarter Fanzone, which has considerable additional capacity, or up Queen St to the Aotea precinct.


The RWC Committee is warning that Fanzones have a finite capacity.
“ They will be busy and we cannot guarantee everyone access to a screen on the waterfront or in the CBD.”

The Cloud RWC Inside

People are still not flocking in huge numbers to the regional fanzones that were set up.
The Albany and Mangere Fanzones last Sunday were still at about only 50% of capacity. Henderson was even quieter.

For last Sunday’s Abs versus Australia clash there was a record night with a peak total of almost 20,000 across the Waterfront Fanzones during the match screening. The crowd was spread relatively evenly across both Queens and Captain Cook wharves for the match. 46,500 visited Queens Wharf through the day with a peak of just under 10,000. Captain Cook Wharf was opened at 5 pm and peaked at just over 10,200 during the match.

At Albany, a total crowd of 10,000 attended - 6300 watched the match there on TV. At Mangere, a total crowd of 7800 attended with a peak crowd of around 3100 watching the match. But at Henderson, 1300 attended all up and a thousand watched the match.
The Black Seeds perform before the ABs France match.





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