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Auckland Council today announced it is extending the deadline for public submissions on its draft Auckland by six days to 4pm, Monday October 31.

The submission period opened on Tuesday 20 September and was to end on 25 October, two days after the Rugby World Cup 2011 final.

Penny Hulse, deputy mayor of Auckland says: “Auckland Council has been listening to the public, who tell us they want their opinion heard on the long-term direction of Auckland, but need more time to make a considered response.

“It’s important every opportunity is extended to the people of Auckland to speak on what they want for their city over the next three decades.”

All those making submissions will be given the option to either participate in a workshop hearing forum or traditional hearing. The workshop hearing forum is a new innovative approach to public consultation, initiated by the Deputy Mayor, that will help to meet the diverse needs of Auckland’s communities by offering different ways to present to council.


Auckland’s future is at a critical point.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has driven an agenda which includes a CBD Rail Link and major decisions on the future of everything from intensive housing to opening up the waterfront.

How it ends up will determine much in our lifetime as it covers the next 30 years - and help determine for many of us whether we want to stay in Auckland or join the exodus at least across the Tasman.

This is how they picture Auckland in 2040 if we agree and funding is found.

So why did no-one fight the craziness of having public submissions while Aucklanders were fixated on the Rugby World Cup 2011.

If there were voices raised, they drowned amid the RWC noise.

20340: Pedestrian and light rail in Queen St as envisaged by the plan

The submission period began on September 20 and ends at 4pm next Tuesday.

Quite frankly, it’s appalling that submissions close a couple of days after the RWC ends this weekend - and there have been only 143 submissions.

That’s 143 either online or in writing out of Auckland’s million plus population.

Cr Cameron Brewer is absolutely justified in musing how ill-fated this timing strategy has been.

Always a clever man with stats, the ex-Newmarket Business Head says: “If you consider the 60,000 crowd at Eden Park, well only six of them would’ve filled out a submission so far. The timing couldn’t be worse.”

Calling it “arguably the most important document for a generation,” he says it needs strong public input and a rigorous contest of ideas.

“Officials knew it would be difficult to engage the public at this time, but pushed for it regardless. Some will be curious that this plan seems like it is being rammed through while the public is completely distracted. Hundreds of thousands of ratepayers’ dollars have been spent on promoting the plan in recent weeks, but the advertising has struggled to get any cut through given the rugby.”

He says if people haven’t got much time over the next week, they should write a brief submission and then ask to do a fuller verbal submission to councillors in November.

He’s right.

And I’m embarrassed to admit that until Cameron mentioned it this morning, it went off my radar. I had plenty of feedback in my head and I have yet to commit it to a proper submission.

Go give your feedback online to the Council now.




  1. Ben says:

    It seems I will have to give my submission in the brief online questionnaire the Council has set up (for the Draft Auckland Plan).

    I am struggling to get my written submission finished - the time is certainly not there and the RWC is chewing my time up considerably.

    AH well, will have to do the best I can

  2. BD says:

    20340: Pedestrian and light rail in Queen St as envisaged by the plan

    20340 seems a very long way away but knowing this government it will take that amount of time for progress to happen here. Why can’t we have this now not in 2030. Doesn’t seem that hard of thing to implement, heck we shouldn’t be letting cars down Queen Street anyways.

  3. Miggle says:

    Auckland Council is required by legislation to produce the Auckland Plan by a certain date, so blame the government for the haste.

  4. tbird says:

    So in 2040 fat girls will still be bleaching their hair platinum blonde and wearing black tights under white skirts? I guess some things never change.

    (Okay, that’s about as good as a submission as I’ll ever make. My apologies to the democratic process.)

  5. Matt says:

    What Miggle said. The legislation creating Megatropolis laid down the dates by which the various Plans must be completed, and in order to meet those dates the Council has had to set timeframes for submission that are very suboptimal.

    My inner cynic cannot help but wonder at how much influence the timing of the RWC had on when the dates were set by Rodney and his cronies.

  6. Ben says:

    I wonder that too Matt - I really do

    Good news is apart from the Transport Chapter, managed to get my full submission draft complete - there is hope yet for me :D

    Mean time I need to consider something else…

  7. Ben says:

    An extension? Jon you sure you are not pulling our strings here ;)

    Any case - YAY on the extension :D

  8. Ingolfson says:

    Does this include the city centre masterplan and the waterfront plan submissions?

  9. Jon C says:

    Yes it does.


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