Fan Trail Breaks Records


An estimated 11,000 people walked to Eden park on the Rugby World Cup Fan Trail last night for the Wales France semi-final match.

That’s the biggest number so far. Last Saturday when I walked it, the number was 7800 and a similar number did so last Sunday.

10,000 walked it to the previous French match on September 24.

To be honest, I’m still not sure how the number is collated although there are volunteers along the way taking note.

As these photos show, It’s fun.

Sign along fan trail: Pathetic IRB officials stopped the full words All Blacks being used

Yesterday I noticed fans starting the Fan Trail very early, to the benefit of Kingsland restaurants and bars where they hung out for hours until they needed to get to their Eden Park seats.

Authorities have been blessed with an extraordinary run of fine weather for the match days as the Fan Trail option has taken load off public transport.

Certainly many I spoke to during the fun Fan Trail walk said that they were still too put off by the Opening Night fiasco media coverage to risk getting a bus or train.

If you’re doing it tonight, here’s the map

Many who walk the Fan Trail catch public transport back as there are no time constraint pressures to get somewhere by a certain time.

Rugby world cup Fan Trail to Eden Park proves populat

A total of 26,550, or around 45% of the crowd, used public transport to leave the match at Eden Park.

Special event buses carried 11,570 and 14,990 used trains .

1500 grabbed a cab.

Crowds using trains from the match were cleared within 60 minutes and special event buses within 55 minutes - both earlier than the target of  70 minutes.

Fan Zones - Queens Wharf was steady with a total crowd of 46,000 during the day and evening and a peak crowd of around 8150. Captain Cook Wharf was opened up at 5 pm.

9 people were arrested at Queens Wharf and there were 24 evictions. Police report 1 eviction, a number of refused entries and one arrest from the regional Fanzones.

Yesterday Albany’s fan zone had 3845 people in total, Mangere’s had 5236 and Henderson’s only 828.





  1. Matt L says:

    My wife and I walked the fan trail last night and it was great, very lively and AT/Council have done a good job in organising it.

    I did notice them doing the counts, there were a couple of people we walked past with ipads and I noticed the screen had two big buttons +1 and -1 and every time someone walked past they would just tap the +1 button to add to the count.

  2. AKT says:

    @Matt L It is fun. I hope you didn’t walk all the way home!

  3. Matt L says:

    AKT - haha no, caught the train home

  4. Andrew says:

    Interesting to see the train numbers slowly creep up with each successive match. I guess the confidence lost in the trains on opening night is slowly and quietly being restored.


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