Our New Trains -Take A Video Trip


Auckland’s new 57 three-car electric multiple unit trains to replace the existing diesel trains will be designed by Spain’s CAF company based on rolling stock it has supplied for the Heathrow Express.

The deal was signed this afternoon.

So let’s take a ride on the Heathrow express and get a feel inside and out for how it will be:

The General manager of CAF, Jesus Esnaloa said his company was honoured to be part of the Auckland electrification programme.

He called it:

“a public transportation solution that will cope with the increasing patronage demands and population growth projects for Auckland while providing an enhanced experience for Auckland commuters through the provision of improved train safety, quality and comfort features, to the best international styandards in train reliability and availability perdformance.

He said that a new subsidiary called CAF NZ had been created to take care of the new fleet’s maintenance.

More about our new trains - and photos

This afternoon’s historic signing of the tender contract




  1. Carl H says:

    Heathrow Express you say… now if only the Auckland ones went to the airport…

  2. Harry McDonald says:

    I’ve been on the Heathrow Express a few times. I seem to recall quite a marked rolling motion.

  3. Paul in Sydney says:

    I first used the HEx after it opened, must be 14ish years, very nice train.

    Well done AKL another great step forward

  4. Andrew J says:

    Why is everyone comparing this order with the 332′s with Heathrow? The Spanish didn’t make these, Siemens did, in Germany! CAF have never built rolling stock for the UK…

  5. AKT says:

    @Andrew To quote Auckland Transport chief Mark Ford yesterday:
    “CAF will design its new trains based on the rolling stock that it supplied for the Heathrow Express.”

  6. Andrew J says:

    Okay so I was partially correct, but Siemens still worked heavily in that project for the 332 and 333 sets, with most of the electrical work going into the ZDesiro fleet.

    So Ill rephrase, they are the only rolling stock CAF have had any input into throughout the UK…

  7. Leslie Bravery says:

    The new trains for Auckland are nothing like the Heathrow Express - have another look and compare the video and photos. The seats on the new trains will not be as comfortable as the ones we enjoy at present. Apart from that, these trains will be far better and Auckland will have a suburban rail network worthy of a major city.

  8. Ingolfson says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get the Heathrow reference either - seems like a soundbite stuck in for those who don’t actually google the stuff.

    “Ooooh - HEATHROW - airplanes and modern and stuff - must be good!”

    Not having any problems with the new trains or the manufacturer, but that reference seems a real stretch, like some marketing flack came up with it.

  9. Joseph Wong says:

    Great news for Auckland! I was in Madrid a few months ago and saw and experienced the CAF Civia EMU on the Madrid Renfe Cercanias Network (Suburban network). Fantastic train from one of the world’s première rail vehicle manufacturers. As an aside, just at the end of September, Renfe opened their long awaited Madrid Barajas Airport extension and is operated by the Civia EMU. Journey time is 26min to Madrid Atocha Railway Station from the airport. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Only 2.50 Euros! MAXX should extend the Manukau link to Auckland airport. That’ll bring in significantly more ridership and business. On another note, train service ran really smoothly for yesterday’s All Blacks vs Argentina QF. Keep up the good work!

  10. Christoph says:

    Paul in Sydney
    Sorry but your comment doesn’t make sense. You say you used the Heathrow Express 14 years ago, but then you say well done and a great step forward. Pardon me if I’m wrong but using dated technology is going backward is it not? Besides, Leslie Bravery said above the new trains for Auckland are nothing like the Heathrow Express. He is right, they are far better (and even those are terrible in terms of power use and pollution)


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