More Fan Zones, More Cost


In order to prevent another meltdown in the last weeks of the Rugby World Cup, Auckland Council officials are suggesting another $1.5m be found towards additional costs. To do this will require some savings being found from the Council’s budget.

Auckland Transport costs are still being prepared, but will be eligible for NZTA subsidies.

Councillors tonight consider a report which proposes a new fanzone in Wynyard Quarter to complement the existing Queens Wharf Fanzone and the spill over facility on Captain Cook Wharf.

It also proposes a contingency plan to expand the southern Fanzone in Mangere if required. Other Fanzones will go ahead as planned in Henderson and Albany.

The cost of the Wynyard Wharf Fanzone to be established in Madden Street is $805,000. The contingency for the southern Fanzone expansion is $280,000.

Together the two proposals mean an extra 17,500 fans can be catered for.

The Police and Auckland Transport support this approach, which is designed to disperse demand volumes over a wider area.

As earlier planned, 3 additional fanzones are set to open this weekend . Big screens at each of the Fanzone venues in Albany, Henderson and Mangere will have live coverage of every match from the quarter-finals to the RWC 2011 Final.

Entry is free and fans will get the chance to enjoy the free pre-match entertainment and watch groups perform.

Regional Fanzone locations and hours

Northern Lights Fanzone, Albany Lakes Civic Park, Civic Crescent, Albany

Quarter Finals weekend

8 and 9 October: 3pm to midnight

Semi Finals weekend

15 and 16 October: 5pm to midnight

Bronze Final

21 October: 5pm to midnight

RWC 2011 Final

23 October: 5pm to 1am

Outrageously West Fanzone, Trusts Stadium, Central Park Drive, Henderson

Quarter Finals weekend

8 and 9 October: 3pm to midnight

Semi Finals weekend

15 and 16 October: 5pm to midnight

Bronze Final

21 October: 5pm to midnight

RWC 2011 Final

23 October: `5pm to 1am

 Southern Seas Fanzone, Mangere Town Centre, Bader Drive, Mangere

Quarter Finals weekend

8 and 9 October: 2pm to 11pm

Semi Finals weekend

15 and 16 October: 4pm to 11pm

Bronze Final

21 October: 4pm to 11pm

RWC 2011 Final

23 October: 4pm to midnight

 Fanzone Rules

  • Entry to each Fanzone is free
  • Best to bring cash to buy food and refreshments from the stalls
  • Make sure you wrap up warm and bring something to sit on – chairs, blankets or mats
  • Southern Seas Fanzone in Mangere is alcohol-free
  •  Northern Lights Fanzone in Albany and Outrageously West Fanzone in Henderson have licensed and alcohol-free areas





  1. BD says:

    This is why Auckland hates National so much, they think that its ok to dump more money onto to Aucklander’s to fund towards the rugby world cup.

    We have already spent excessive amounts of money on rugby world cup.

  2. Patrick R says:

    The horse has bolted, there won’t be another night with thee demand of the opening night…. esp. as AB are likely to not make the final now [ooops, sorry].

  3. tbird says:

    Haha, they’ll be in the final Patrick!

    I think you’re right in that the horse has bolted. There’s not going to be the same crowds as opening night. It’s still pretty busy though, and we’ve got to get through this and it’s going to cost money.

    We can’t very well pull out of hosting.

    All-in-all it’s been a great thing for this country. Think how boring life would have been without it.

  4. Ingolfson says:

    tBird - can’t tell whether you are kidding, but… I certainly don’t measure whether life is exciting or not by whether or not there’s a RWC in town. I can see that lots of people are having fun - but life be BORING without it? Yeez.

    I wonder where they will find the savings though? Maybe fire a few social workers, cut back a few community programs or something? Money doesn’t grow on trees, National tells that to us everytime we want a direly needed PT or active mode project.

  5. Mark says:

    It will be interesting to see the next few weeks. I wonder how it’s going to go after the minor teams have gone. They were the ones who made it a bit more interesting. Now we’re into the teams we play every year, with Tri-nations /year end tours etc…….gets pretty predictable.

    This Sunday could test transport. The really interesting game is SA vs Aus 6pm - a lot of people may try and see it on TV and then try getting to Eden Park.


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