UK Match Went Well


Once again the Fan Trail was popular, Party Central did not reach its limit, the bars at Kingsland crowded and public transport worked - for Saturday’s Rugby World Cup England Scotland game.

Unlike opening night, 5pm outside Britomart was orderly and quiet.

The official stats:

  • Transport to and from the England v Scotland match at Eden Park ran smoothly.
  • Roads in the area experienced moderate traffic for a major event at Eden Park and flowed well. All roads in the area were reopened within 69 minutes.
  • A total of 25,210, approximately 43% of the crowd, used public transport after the match at Eden Park. Special event buses carried 12,900 and 12,310 used trains after the match.
  • All crowds using trains were cleared within 50 minutes of the match finishing. Special event buses were cleared within just over an hour of the match finishing.
  • About 1500 used taxis and 225 used coaches.

An estimated 8500 people walked to the match along the Fan Trail.

Officials say that “good numbers” of match patrons used parts of the Fan Trail to leave the game.

Queens Wharf did not reach its capacity once again.  Queens Wharf crowds peaked at just under 7000 at about 4pm. so the extended and now licensed Captain Cook Wharf was not required.  Eight people had been evicted from Queens Wharf by 11pm.

Queens Wharf at 5pm

At Eden Park itself 18 people were chucked out but there was only 1 arrest.

City bars under police watch



  1. sooty says:

    which is exactly haow they had planned it to be. the knee jerk reaction to the unprecedented opening day events was not founded.


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