Shanghai Subway Crash Injures 260


Another bad train crash in China.

Two subway trains collided in a tunnel in downtown Shanghai, injuring more than 260 passengers.

Chinese news reports from its state media say 20 people are seriously injured. 4 foreigners were hurt.

Shanghai Shentong Metro Company, the city’s subway operator, said a train on Metro Line 10 rear-ended another after an equipment failure at a station forced dispatchers to switch to manual mode.

Local media reported Metro Line 10′s signal system was supplied by one of the companies that also manufactured signal equipment for the country’s high-speed railway. That company’s design flaws were blamed for a fatal bullet train collision in July in eastern China that killed at least 40 people.

Metro Line 10 had another incident less than two months ago. On July 28, a train on the line traveled in the wrong direction and the subway operator later said the accident was caused by a signal system malfunction during an equipment upgrade.

Here’s some raw footage from the scene:




  1. joust says:

    terrible, all because of poor signalling.

  2. greenwelly says:

    Nope not poor signalling, poor porcedures

    Controllers didn’t follow proper procedures after a power shortage disrupted signaling, Shanghai Shentong Metro Co. said in a statement yesterday.


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