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You’ll be able to leave a permanent mark on new Newmarket Viaduct this Saturday.

You can sign your name inside a huge 80-tonne segment of concrete at Mahuru Street in Newmarket between 12 and 2pm before it is hoisted into place to form a section of the new northbound viaduct.

The NZTA has installed 97 of 234 concrete bridge sections for the new northbound viaduct. 21 more segments are due to be in place by the end of this week.  Construction on new northbound section began in July and it is due to open to traffic early next year. The new southbound viaduct opened last year.

Despite the technically challenging project, the NZTA and its partners (Leighton Contractors, Fulton Hogan, VSL, URS, BECA, Tonkin & Taylor and Boffa Miskell) are constructing a new viaduct and deconstructing (removing) the old one in stages while the busiest section of the Auckland motorway network remains opens.

This will ultimately reveal a brand new Newmarket Viaduct, standing about15 metres to the north-east of where the original structure has stood for the last 50 years.




  1. BenW says:

    How will the names be viewable after the segment is hoisted up?

  2. AKT says:

    @BenW They probably wont be!


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