Traffic Warnings RWC North Harbour Game


NZTA anticipates traffic will be heavy on the Northern Motorway and on streets surrounding North Harbour Stadium for tomorrow night’s RWC 2011 game between South Africa and Namibia.

Although traffic usually starts flowing more freely at 6.30pm after the evening commuter peak, the number of vehicles on the motorway could remain high as fans head to the stadium for the 8pm start.

Drivers going to the stadium need to exit the motorway at the Greville Road interchange.  Buses will be using the Oteha Valley Road exit.

NZTA’s Tommy Parker says people on both sides of the harbour should consider using buses to get to and from the stadium.

“If fans do choose to drive to the game, they should allow plenty of extra time to avoid the risk of being delayed by the evening peak.”

The NZTA will use the motorway’s electronic signs to keep drivers informed of traffic conditions, and will have tow trucks on standby near the Auckland Harbour Bridge to respond quickly to clear any vehicles blocking traffic on the motorway.

Auckland Transport warns there’s limited free parking near North Harbour Stadium.

Motorists are being warned that if they park on private property they may be towed.

Free car parking is available at the following locations:

  • Bush Road Industrial Estate, where you can catch a shuttle to the stadium.
  • Park’n'Ride facilities, where you can catch a bus to the stadium. These are at Hurstmere Road in Takapuna, Smales Farm and Westgate shopping centre.
  • Car parking is also available at Massey University, a short 10-minute walk to the stadium.
  •  If you are dropping people off at the match, the main drop-off point is on Civic Crescent.
  • People should also leave for the match in plenty of time as the Harbour Bridge and roads near the stadium may be congested.


Bus is another option for getting to the park.  Special event bus trips to and from games are free with your RWC 2011 match ticket.

Travel will be free for 3 hours before the match and about 1 hour after the match (or until the crowd has cleared).


  • CBD - the Civic Theatre, Queen Street stop 7055 every 5 minutes stopping at Lower Albert Street stop 7071.  Last bus departs 90 minutes before kick-off (stop 7055
  • Takapuna - 142-146 Hurstmere Road every 10 minutes stopping at all Northern Busway stations.  Last bus 60 minutes before kick-off
  • South/East - Manukau town centre (Leyton Way) every 30 minutes on route to Botany town centre (Stancombe Road) and Westfield Pakuranga (Brampton Court).  Last bus 120 minutes before kick-off
  • Henderson - Henderson rail station every 15 minutes via Westfield Westgate  Last bus 75 minutes before kick-off
  • Orewa - Moana Avenue outside New World every 30 minutes.  Last bus departs 90 minutes before kick-off.
  • The special event buses run to and from a temporary bus hub in the Hooton Reserve carpark, about 300m from the stadium. Car park B
  • More details here

Train, then bus

Although there are no train services to the North Shore and North Harbour Stadium, fans can catch a normal scheduled train to Britomart from the western, southern or eastern suburbs.  Travel is free for 3 hours before the match, by showing your match ticket.

Then transfer to the special event buses leaving the CBD (every 5 minutes from Lower Albert Street).  The last bus departs 90 minutes before kick-off.




  1. Mike says:

    Oh I love the parking at “Bush Road Industrial Estate,” Great so where the hell is it, I can find bush road but the industrial estate brings up blanks.

    Thats not directed at this site but even the source from scoop, rwc or the stadium website doesn’t point it out.


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