Party Central Extension Granted


UPDATE Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully has granted urgent approval under the RWC Empowering Act 2010 to the extension of the Queens Wharf fanzone, festival and showcase event.

The Minister says he has granted approval without any modification to the recommendations of the Authority. The decision clears the way for the Government’s NZ2011 office to operate an expanded fanzone including Captain Cook Wharf and associated waterfront areas. Mr McCully says following receipt of the Authority’s recommendations, he formally consulted four Ministerial colleagues, the Ministers of Economic Development, Transport, Police and Environment. Mr McCully also consulted Auckland Mayor Len Brown and says Auckland Council agencies have worked closely with officials in drawing up plans.

“In particular we are working very closely with Waterfront Auckland, our partner in the ownership and operation of Queens Wharf,” said the Minister. The Minister emphasised that putting the new arrangements in place prior to this weekend was “entirely precautionary.” “No doubt some elements of the media will wish to focus on redundant capacity on the waterfront this weekend. That is intentional. We need to rebuild public confidence starting this weekend.” “However, the following weekend when the All Blacks play France at Eden Park and with an expanded music and entertainment programme at the waterfront I expect that the new facilities will be strongly in demand, with the quarters, semi finals and finals again placing resources under more pressure,” he said.

Mr McCully said the special legislation had proven valuable in dealing with a need to address the events of last Friday in a compressed timetable.


Captain Cook wharf - the new party central extension - will open only when Queens Wharf is two thirds full.

With that extension, Party Central may have room for up to 25,000 people but even that figure is in doubt because of police concerns.

The wharf is just to the immediate east of Queens Wharf.

And there will be no booze allowed on the extension at least this weekend as a liquor application has yet to be approved.

Quay St will be closed between Britomart Place and Lower Hobson St. Feeder streets – Lower Albert, Tyler St, Gorte Street and Commerce St between Customs St and Quay St would be closed or have managed access.

The road closure dates would be midday Friday until 11.30pm Sunday but until 6am Monday on October 10, 17 and 24.

The independent RWC Authority yesterday considered an application for this to happen to help prevent the chaos that happened last weekend when thousands queued to get into Queens. Its decision has yet to be announced but Quay St will close regardless.

There were also concerns during the hearing about fire engines being able to access the Captain Cook wharf and get water and it was revealed surf lifesavers will be on hand in case drunks fall into the water.

Queens Wharf had originally been approved as a fan zone for 16,000 but this was reduced to 12,000 before last Friday’s opening because of the space taken by the giant rugby ball and the ANZ pavilion placed near Shed 10.

ATEED suggested 14,000 could be on Captain Cook but the Police suggested more likely only 8,000 might be manageable.

Queens Wharf will be open from 11.30am on Fridays and from 10am on Saturdays and Sundays -then from 8 October for the remainder of the Tournament Queens Wharf will open every day from 10am. A revised queuing system to provide clear management of queues will be in place.

The Ministry of Economic Development submitted the application to the Rugby World Cup Authority to be approved under Part 4 of the Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010. The application is to allow for the extension to the Queens Wharf Fanzone, Festival and Showcase Event area.

In addition, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) has submitted an application to the Rugby World Cup Authority for approval under Part 5 of the Rugby World Cup 2011 (Empowering) Act 2010. That would not apply this weekend which would be alcohol free on Captain Cook.

This application was to also allow for an extension of the current liquor licence in place for the Queens Wharf Fanzone area.
But the licence has yet to be approved so won’t apply this weekend so it will be dry.

The road closure plan led to a lengthy objection from Wilson Parking during the hearing - Wilsons concerned at any impact on people being able to park in its 800-space Princes Wharf area.

Shed 10 is too popular

The RWC Authority Chair Sir Bruce Robertson briefly adjourned the hearing so that Wilsons and Auckland Transport could work out a compromise in private. I doubt Wilsons have an ounce of public sympathy considering the way they screw motorists on a regular basis.

The Fire Service said they had concerns about access for emergency vehicles and obtaining water from the harbour from Captain Cook Wharf but said there was a solution that could also be worked out.

The hearing heard that fencing around the wharf would be improved and surf lifesavers would be on duty in case someone fell into the harbour.

A “managed queuing” system would be in place as well as security staff counting people as they went in.

The plan is for a number of temporary structures including 2 TV screens which will show the Queens Wharf main stage entertainment and rugby matches.

There would also be food and beverage kiosks, toilet facilities and temporary fencing.  These will be generally be mobile structures, rather than fixed to the wharf and will generally be less than 8 metres high. There may also be a small stage facility on the wharf to allow the Queens Wharf music programme to be fully integrated into an offering on Captain Cook Wharf. The stage would have a maximum height of no more than 12 metres but won’t be ready this weekend.

The hearing also heard the regional fan zones may be opened next week, earlier than planned.

Toilets would be provided along Quay St and in areas of road closures and the waterfront precinct. Existing liquor bans would continue to apply in Quay St and other parts of the waterfront precinct.

In the wake of the statements by RWC Minister McCully that he was taking over Auckland Waterfront, Auckland Council CEO Doug McKay was present at the hearing and tried to create an area of congeniality saying Auckland Council had been working on this plan after the “issues” were understood on Saturday morning after Friday’s chaos and this was a joint plan.




  1. Patrick R says:

    So clearly party Central was too small…. now whose party was it again Murray and Dear Leader?

  2. Carl says:

    get rid of that stupid rugby ball.

    Also we paid $2 mill for the waka, open that bloody thing up as well, because apparently its opened on certain nights.

    so much money has been wasted, honestly get all the wharves open, get 50k people down there and have some fun.

    I’m pretty sure there are plenty of hot dog van owners that are keen to make so extra coin on food.

  3. Chris says:

    Here is the application and site plan for the extension of party central for those interested:

  4. Chris says:

    There’s a waka? Where?

    Oh, and pretty please, can AT stiff Wilsons? They deserve every ounce of problems AT can throw their way.

  5. James B says:

    I hope that this will provide a bit of proding to open up Captain Cook Wharf to the public permanently and eventually site the cruise ship terminal there.


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