How To Cycle Around Auckland


Auckland Transport has issued a new Central Auckland cycle map to promote cycling in central Auckland.  The map includes new cycle infrastructure completed since 2008.

A series of five cycle maps - Central, Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western areas of Auckland will be produced. The Northern Cycle Map will be published next including routes in the North Shore, Orewa and along the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

Or a copy of the map can be picked up at any bike shop, Auckland libraries or phone Auckland Transport to be sent a copy on 355 3553 or request a copy from AT 

The map ranges from Waiheke Island, Avondale, Ellerslie, Auckland CBD, Onehunga and Mission Bay and includes improvements suggested by cyclists, cycling groups and walkers.

The map is brighter and more vibrant than the previous making it easier to read, with separate route descriptions and colours for dedicated and shared cycle lanes.  It also includes locations of cycle lockers, cycle shops and more recreational and tourist routes with the inclusion of Great Urban Rides and Waiheke Island maps.

The map can be used by walkers, visitors, and cyclists of all levels who would like to explore the city on two wheels.

Auckland Transport Community Transport Manager Matthew Rednall says the map helps promote cycling as an active travel choice and supports existing cyclists in the region.

“One of our aims is to foster a cycling culture in Auckland by making cycling more attractive and safe.  The highest number of cyclists in the region is in the central area and data shows cycling is increasing where the network is continuous and connected.

“A series of new cycle lanes and improvements such as the new completed cycle lanes along Ian McKinnon Drive and Wellesley Street, and Wynyard Quarter are key additions to the map.

“By showing the location and types of cycle lanes, bike parking and off-road shared paths, the map will help people plan safe cycling trips to work, local attractions, parks and rides around Waiheke Island,” says Mr Rednall.

The map also includes:

  • Cycle lanes on Wellesley Street, Grafton Road
  • Cycle lanes on Ian McKinnon Drive
  • Shared path on Onehunga Harbour Drive, linking SH20 Cycleway with Manukau Bridge
  • Te Wero Bridge, across the Viaduct Basin connecting the Wynyard Quarter
  • Bus/cycle lanes on Symonds St – car free Grafton Bridge
  • Kingsland section of the NW Cycleway – missing link in major route to city centre
  • Improvement in network of routes around the Manukau Harbour – Onehunga to Mangere
  • Wynyard Quarter
  • 70 new bike stands installed





  1. rtc says:

    pdf online anywhere?

  2. Ingolfson says:

    This article seems to indicate that they aren’t online. They took a long time to get the old maps online too.

  3. max says:

    Have emailed AT, asking the project manager when they will update the old PDF maps at the maxx website. Hopefully soon.

  4. Travis says:

    Jon….link doesnt work…

  5. AKT says:

    @Travis Annoying - AT has taken the link off! So have I.

  6. Ingolfson says:

    Link now points to a page collecting all the maps:

    Sadly I have already spotted a few mistakes :-(

  7. Patrick R says:

    and what an unjoined up sad excuse for a network that is…. you get the city you invest in…. #carfest

  8. Ingolfson says:

    Patrick, before you get all gloomy, you should compare a map of 2000 to this one, concentrating solely on the improvements. Things are happening, even if not at a pace we would like.

  9. Rachel says:

    To lngolfson: you can send suggested changes/errors you’ve spotted to Auckland Transport via the online form here


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