Matangi Now on Kapiti Line


Wellington’s new Matangi trains are now in passenger service on the Kapiti Line, which runs from Waikanae to Wellington.

They are running a morning peak hour service. From Monday, as well as a morning peak Matangi service, Matangi will run four off-peak services each day from Monday to Friday.  Matangi will run more services on the  line as more of the new trains arrive in Wellington and complete the necessary testing.

The latest state of play with Matangi:

  • 36 cars (18 two-car units) have arrived in Wellington.
  • 26 cars (13 two-car units) are commissioned for service - running on the Hutt Valley line and the Kapiti Line.
  •  Two of the commissioned units are being used for KiwiRail staff training, and the remaining five units are still being commissioned.
  • Six more cars are due in Wellington at the end of August. The new trains will begin running on the Johnsonville Line early next year. All the new trains are expected to be in Wellington mid-2012.




  1. George D says:

    Finally! Good to see trains that actually run…

    But why does it take til mid-2012 to get all of these going? It’s such a slow and painful process to do anything that runs on a rail in New Zealand.

  2. Matt L says:

    George - Its mid 2012 because they are still building them, they can’t commsion trains still on the production line.

  3. Max says:

    In a way, that’s good, because if they are still building them, then they can fix the teething problems they have experienced with the first units.

    Anyone one whether Auckland will do a similar phase-in? I’d assume so - any ideas which line is to get them first?

    Current train arrival for Auckland is now expected to be 2014 (sigh).

  4. George D says:

    Matt, glad to hear!

    Edit: Wikipedia says construction was to occur 2008-2010, and entry into service December 2010 - end of 2011. Either this information is entirely incorrect, or mid-2012 is a full 9 months behind schedule. Not the end of the earth, of course, but still a minor disappointment and something that seems so typical.

  5. George says:

    Will we have to “borrow” some of this rolling stock to couple to our old diesels to provide capacity in Auckland for the World Cup? Should have thought of that before. Pity the electrification is so slow, but it has to be done properly.. new feeder cables into the CBD perhaps?!
    Will Auckland’s new trains have anything in common with Wellington’s? Having shared spares could be very useful. I expect the electrification system will differ though, though trailers should be able to be made interchangeable perhaps?
    Well done Wellington. Auckland catch up!

  6. Anon says:

    Why does Auckland have to wait sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long?.

    And when they arrive, what will they be named?.
    (e.g, Wellington - Matangi)


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