Tram Fares Revealed


The Wynyard Quarter trams will cost $10 for an all day pass.

It will be free for children 16 years and under accompanied by an adult (to a max. of 3 children per adult). Otherwise it’s $5 for a child ticket.

The service is being run by the same people who run the Christchurch heritage tram service. The Christchurch fares are $17 for an adult and $5 for a child.

The heritage tram will travel clockwise on a 1.5km circuit of Wynyard Quarter between Jellicoe, Halsey, Gaunt and Daldy Sts  and will be running from the public open day on Saturday August 6, in just under 2 weeks time. The trams will have 4 stops along the way: at North Halsey, East Gaunt St, South Daldy St and North Daldy St.

Nine drivers have been selected from those who applied.

The trams are housed in a special shed in the quarter.

Where the trams are housed

That shed will soon get an outside mural  that references Auckland’s bygone tram era.
Waterfront Auckland has leased two 1920’s trams from Victoria’s Bendigo Museum – a W2 Class Tram and X-1 Class Tram.

The two trams from Victoria

Latest construction photos
Background to waterfront trams




  1. Matt says:

    umm, wow. That’s definitely a tourist pricing scheme, and one that’s targeted outside most domestic tourists at that!

    If it’s to become any kind of commuter service, the prices will need a very severe downwards revamp.

  2. Jon r says:

    Yes but Matt, of course it is only aimed at tourists, if not you would need modern rolling stock. Once the line is extend to Britomart then things will need to change.

    Of course, for major improvements to happen for public transport to happen we Aucklanders need to vote out the Nats and Act MP’s, including the useless Niki Kaye.

  3. Max W says:

    my son’s counting down the days!

    Has anyone noticed how bumpy the road is? It’s not a smooth ride at all if you are following the tram in a car. Also the shed area where the tram returns the road has a big dip too.

  4. Jamee says:

    Will this be included in the Discovery Pass?

  5. AKT says:

    @James No mention of it

  6. geoff_184 says:

    Why would anyone want an all day pass?

  7. Carl says:

    awesome, pricing so stupid the idea is fluffed before it started.

    whats its going to cost to hitch a ride to britomart? $15.

    another joke.

    why is a company from CHCH running a company in Auckland?

    another joke.

  8. Paul in Sydney says:

    I don’t think 10 bucks for an all day pass is to bad, kids free that’s good.
    It is a tourist ride! - for now, only when it stops going round in circles and has a destination and probably it’s ticketing intergraded will it become part of the PT network
    Sydney has only just intergrated it’s tram into the PT ticketing and is about to double it’s track length, it’s been a long time coming. I hope AKL gets there a hole lot quicker

  9. Carl says:

    why does everybody keep saying “for now”.

    where is the money going to come from to pay for the bridge that is required to get across the water?

    where is the money going to come from for the tracks, where are the units going to come from.

    my glass is not 1/2 empty its real talk…. the bridge across the water should have been finished first and this tram should service that whole new area thats built plus down town auckland.

    I’m sorry, yah for the trams, but once again another 1/2 a job.

  10. Jarrod says:

    I think $10 for an all day pass is a joke. No one is going to want to ride around on them all day. Why would you? It should be $3 - $4 MAX to hop on and get off when you are ready. It would make way more money that way. I can see these things doing loop after loop with NO ONE on board. That’s a shame.

  11. Sam F says:

    On these terms it’ll probably be successful as a tourist attraction - and to be honest I don’t begrudge the operators pricing it as such, given that the Christchurch tram operation is going to be out of commission for a while.

    It’d be neighbourly of the council to maybe organise some free passes in the post for CBD/central Auckland residents and workers though… if they are serious about this driving interest in a revived tram service…

  12. Ian M says:

    Give it a couple of months and it will be a couple of dollars a round trip. At $10 wont sustain itself in the long term, esp when a discovery pass is $12

  13. Carl says:

    how can it be an “attraction” to tourists? anyone who generally tours new zealand comes from a country that uses Trams in everyday life + the fact there is next to nothing to look at down there.

  14. Jennifer says:

    An adult day pass for the MOTAT tram is $2, and that’s only if the person has not already paid to go into MOTAT as the entry fee covers all tram travel for the day. A child (5 and over) day pass is $1.
    Tourists can take their pick.

  15. George D says:

    What a joke. So instead of transport we get a “tourist attraction”. Except it isn’t a tram that will take anyone anywhere scenic - a tram to Mission Bay could justify such a model.

    Weird, weird, weird assumptions. I’ll eat my proverbial if it does work. But we can safely assume that this will harm the prospects of future light rail. Very low patronage and the idea that light rail is a novelty and a toy will see to that.

  16. Carl says:

    what is the reason that a tram can’t run from the strand all the way to mission bay right now?

    there is room, clear all the parking bays out of the way and make a tram way.

    single track with double track stations so trams can run in both directions and pass at station.

    DO IT

  17. Alphatron says:

    what is the reason that a tram can’t run from the strand all the way to mission bay right now?”"

    only money!

  18. Andu says:

    So we buy an all day pass for 10 bucks, and then use it a couple of times……and then walk away.
    I hope it is linked up to Britomart (and beyond), and then priced appropriately for locals.

  19. Brendan says:

    Day pass for all of Melbourne’s Trains, Trams and Busses (Zone One) $7, and as little as $3 on weekends.

    Melbourne tourist city circle tram $FREE

    $10 for Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter, ridiculous

  20. Carl says:

    Yes and Melbourne’s “Tourist tram” actually takes you to places that are worth going to, in both directions I might also add.

    im sorry but i was really excited at the start, but we all know its going to be a fail unless britomart is some how added into it real soon.

  21. KarlHansen says:

    I share some of your concerns, but really, what are you going to do? Spit on Mike Lee? He sometimes goes off on oddball schemes like this, but then again, he’s the best weapon Auckland rail (light or heavy) has, so you’d BETTER ACCEPT that this thing is a tourist attraction, not a transport option.

    Fine, it isn’t a transport option. No, it isn’t linked up. No, it can’t compete with many other heritage tram systems. Go ahead, say it’s too expensive, too small, too red, area too bad, other countries do it better (gosh, how sick I am of that constant whinge) and in Melbourne it’s free. We are in Auckland, and if you lived in Melbounre, after a few months or years, you’d probably whinge about how other cities were doing so much better too. Celebrate the small steps, because you’re never going to get big steps otherwise.

    What are you trying to do? Seriously, what do you hope to do with these comments. Thankfully, the public will make the tram succeed or fail on its own merits, not based on blog comments.

  22. Simon says:

    BTW To all those who say there`s nothing down there, actually the whole Wynard Quarter area is being changed so doing the tram is not something that is being done in isolation. Come and have a look at the quarter in a couple of months and you might be surprised. It`ll be even more different in a couple of years once trees have grown more, the ASB head office is built, bringing more people to the area, the NZ Bus depot is gone so that land can be redeveloped as well etc. Even the Fishmarket that is already there is a pretty busy and popular place these days.

    Oh and Mike Lee and AT are looking at getting a better bridge done asap so that the trams can get to Britomart. It was in the Herald I think not so long ago.

  23. Mark says:

    yes there will be more down there - but the worry I have is that as of August there isn’t enough to justify that charging level.

    Most attractions are at the eastern end, and just a short walk from viaduct - for $20 for a couple tourists, I’m worried it will be seen as a rip off - especially as initially it’s targeting RWC visitors.

    Which will just generate negative publicity. I’d rather they made it much cheaper until offices/theatre etc were operating.

    I don’t know what the finacials are, or what they’re budgeting to make/lose - but always better to be up front and eliminate surprise. To budget a loss for the first year with say a $2 charge, may be better than make an assunption on $10 users who don’t eventuate.

  24. Martin says:

    One word: FAIL.

    Those people in Christchurch rip off the locals and now its happening in Auckland.

    I’ve never understood why the ‘Church trams are so expensive, especially when compared with European trams.

    Even San Francisco’s operation which is aimed at the tourist isn’t as big a rip-off and goes all over city unlike the Christchurch & Auckland operations.

  25. Carl says:

    when the ASB head office is built?

    are you loko, CEO”s do not catch public transport they either drive there own BMW’s or Audi, or are driven to and from there offices.

    anyone else that works there is going to drive their car and park in their car parking space that is also being built by ASB.

    also, I said Melbourne tram takes you somewhere, I didn’t say, Melbourne’s are better.

    starting small (box ticked) functional (no ticked box)

    that is my main concern.

    if this blog site means nothing to you KarlHanson, why are you bothering to reply to what people are saying

    in your own words “Seriously, what do you hope to do with these comments”

    what your doing is no different to what anyone else is posting on here.

    if enough people actually read a blog and figure out how to take action, things actually work.

    People get together, they write letters, they attend meetings, all of sudden voices are heard, people mix and mingle ideas. how do you think anything is ever started?

    blogs like this and many others around the world in places where transport is a hot topic, actually will do something.

    40,000 people joined a facebook blog for a 4am train service in Perth, after 6 months the Local Transport operator caught wind, joined and figured out who started it.

    they had a meeting and as far as I know, 4am trains on all lines are going to be starting up in about 2 months time……it does work and it does matter.

  26. R says:

    How about they get realistic and charge the 50 cents a ride that it currently deserves. $10 is absolutely ridiculous . Do they expect people to sit on a 1.5 km loop indefinately cruising past the bus depot, the fish processing plant and breathing in the pleasant aroma. Not to mention the fabulous views of the vacant lot, car parking areas, fishing tackle shops and the fabulous tank farm. 3 of the 4 stops don’t take you anywhere.
    Acerbic sarcasm aside all this talk about not ripping tourists off comes to naught. How about making it free until the area is finished and they are bedded in, that way people don’t need to complain.

  27. Simon says:

    @Carl I work for another corporate down in the same area, and there`s only one CEO amongst many hundreds of other employees, and while some do drive to work, many already take PT. There is already very limited parking in the area and I suspect the vast majority of employees wont have access to carparking meaning that they will look to use PT.

    Oh, and Carl, do try and be a ittle more positive on here. Quite frankly, I and I suspect a number of others here are getting pretty tired with your never-ending criticism of whatever PT development is announced. It seems it`s always useless or a fail where your concerned. As someone else wrote, there is a very constrained amount of money in the pot to do many projects. And yet the funny thing is, for someone so critical, who is always saying with some money it should have been done properly, I have yet to hear you offer some of your own. Endlessly criticising something Carl (Which is what you do) is a lot different to promoting that something happen or a service is provided(as per the 4am Perth train services).

    Carl, sometimes I`m really frustrated with PT in Auckland too (And I live here not in Perth) but I prefer to see the glass half full and see how much HAS improved in Auckland, say compared to 10years ago. Yeah, Auckland`s not perfect, but it is moving in the right direction, if slowly and sometimes painfully!

    @R Pretty disingenuous to descibe it as a “fish processing plant”. Have you been inside recently? I suspect not, otherwise you would know it`s a lot more than what you decibed it as. Again, take the time to actually visit in couple of months or during the summer and you might actually surprise yourself at what`s been done in the area. Or I guess you can keep your blinkers on, keep your negative perceptions and pre judge the area before evn visiting it. Maybe Jon could upload the AC image of the redeveloped Wynard Quarter area that came out recently.

    I do agree the fee is way too much and hopefully wiser heads will prevail. I don`t think anything over $3 is really justified, unless the $10 was inclusive of discounts at the Fishmart and other markets and/or restaurants/cafes which are going to open in the area. If they do go with $10 and it`s a flop then I`m sure they`ll have to bite the bullet anyway.

  28. R says:

    Simon, its not disingenious at all. I think you believe that I’m referring to fish market area, whereas I’m referring to another building that stores and transfers and thus processes fish. Suggest you climb down from your horse and allow other points of view. I happen to be in the area every day during the week. I’ve wandered around as recently as yesterday. All the images I have seen of the redevelopment, that are included in marketing material, show an overabundance of grass and people which don’t exist. They really dont reflect the reality of the situation down there, case and point is the flyer for the art fair coming up.

    imho it is the people who are releasing this “propganda” that are being disingenuous.It will lead to dissapointment when people visit and find that reality doesn’t reflect actuality. You only get the one chance to impress people.

    I’m all for the redevelopment and it will be fantastic when done but why not ra ra it when its complete or at least more mature than it is now. I suspect the RWC is to blame and seems to be a case of trying to run before we walk.

    Get it in,link it to britomart,then say look at the fabulous PT solution we have built . Hell I might even use it in conjunction with the train.

  29. Mary Sheldon says:

    Come on the Tram is far too expensive. $2 coin should apply to all

  30. Valpy says:

    I was looking forward to taking the trip on the tram at luchtimes to get fish and chips at the Fish Market…but I’m not paying $10!! I think they have missed a significant number of customers who work in the HP/KPMG/Microsoft/Vodafone buildings who would possibly pay $1 to $2 to get lunch


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