Walk, Cycle Hobsonville Motorway


For a few hours on Saturday August 6, you’ll be able to walk along or cycle Auckland’s newest highway - the 6 kilometre-long Hobsonville motorway – before it opens to traffic.

The event is part of the celebrations to mark the official opening of the motorway.

Construction crews will work overnight after the motorway walk to open the motorway to traffic the next morning (Sunday  August 7).

The  four-lane Hobsonville motorway connects to the Upper Harbour Bridge and Greenhithe sections to the east and the Northwestern Motorway [SH16] to the west. The project also includes a three- kilometre extension of SH16 to a new roundabout at Brigham Creek Road.

People can walk and cycle the eastbound motorway lanes of SH18 (towards the North Shore) between Squadron Drive Interchange and Trig Road Interchange. The SH16 Brigham Creek Extension section of the project is not included as part of the walking route.


Date:                            Saturday  August 6

Venue:                          Eastbound lanes of SH18 Hobsonville motorway

Pedestrians:                  12noon – 2pm [last entry 1.30pm]

Cyclists:                        2pm – 3pm [last entry 2.30pm]

Walking entrances:       Squadron Drive, Brigham Creek Road and Trig Road eastbound on-ramps

Cycling entrance:          Only via Trig Road eastbound on-ramp

Transport:                    Free shuttles will be running on local roads with pick-up and drop-off points at  Catalina Café, Squadron Drive, Brigham Creek Road and Trig Road.






  1. KarlHansen says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think I am going to go, as keen as I am normally am for infrastructure stuff - knowing that they had done a design for a walk & cycleway along this motorway, and then decided not to build it, I would feel too much frustration doing their little “one off” walk / cycle, while for the future, we will be excluded forever, while Joyce bulldozes on.

    Instead, on the same day, I will be down at the Auckland Waterfront, for the Wynyard Quarter opening. Much more “human scale” and they DID think of walking and cycling.

  2. George D says:

    It’s a little insulting, really.

  3. Sam F says:

    I may attend this before/after the Wynyard opening - with an appropriately sarcastic sign mounted on the cargo rack. Suggestions welcome…

  4. Finn says:

    I’ll definatly go! On August the 6th its my birthday (hooray) so I’ll be going to both this and the tramway opening :)

  5. Jon C says:

    @Finn Nice ! Special events for your birthday!

  6. KarlHansen says:

    “It’s a little insulting, really.”

    I wouldn’t call it insulting from the PROJECT TEAM to do the invite.

    The real people doing the insulting are sitting in Wellington, where they cut (or let remain) the walking and cycling budgets at a measly 0.7%.

  7. richard says:

    Frankly i can’t see the point. They have already had an open day on the Highway 18 Section for walking an cycling and i have regularly seen cyclists using it at weekends, the surface has been finished for 2- 3 months! It’s not like the opening of a harbour bridge or something, it’s just another motorway.


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