Old Newmarket Viaduct Goes


Stage 2 of the Newmarket  Viaduct Replacement Project is progressing well with the removal of more than 72% of the old southbound viaduct.

This section of the viaduct is now fully separated from the existing northbound viaduct for the first time since they were constructed 46 years ago.

Over the next eight weeks, progress will continue on the most complex part of the deconstruction process - over St Marks Road and the nearby railway line.

The new southbound viaduct, which opened last September, has been designed to withstand a 1 in 2500 year seismic event.  Its four lanes now extend as far as the Greenlane interchange, providing   increased capacity on the Southern Motorway.
NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker says that  keeping traffic speeds down is more important than ever at this critical stage of the proje.

“Much of the work being carried out is taking place close to the fast lanes of the two live motorway carriageways, at times within one metre of passing vehicles.

“All Aucklanders have a key role to play in maintaining a safe environment for fellow drivers and the project team.   The need for drivers to slow down over Newmarket and respect the 70kph speed limit is greater than ever” says Mr Parker.

Preparation work is well under way on Stage 3 of the project: building the new northbound viaduct, with all of the foundations completed and most of the support piers in place.

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  1. John Dalley says:

    Have to say it is quite impressive looking up at the work from under the viadut. Would love to know how theyare making the cuts as it looks as smooth as a baby’s B**.

  2. Patrick says:

    hi Jon,
    A photo from Mt Hobson would be good

  3. AKT says:

    @Patrick Good idea thanks!


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