Waterfront Trams Wired Up


Poles and wires have appeared in the Wynyard Quarter as preparations continue for Auckland’s waterfront trams.

Auckland’s landscape as seen from the Wynard Quarter is changed for ever:

There is an explanation of how the structure will work and illustrations here:

This is an image of how the completed tram system will be - except we will have red trams.

How it's expected to look in Daldy St

The red trams are housed in a shed in the depot area - you can see shades of red through the windows if you look carefully!

And there are poles in place too:

Here is how they will look:

Most of the tracks have been laid.

Only a few are left to be finished:

It will be fascinating to see how Auckland’s motorists who have never driven in places like Melbourne cope!

Auckland’s “>

Waterfront Trams FAQ: Everything you want to know.

Latest photos of Wynard Quarter




  1. KarlHansen says:

    I think Auckland Waterfront should quickly buy a couple thousand potted trees to screen the unsightly wastelands along parts of the route. But otherwise, bring it on, the area will be great.

  2. anthony says:

    hmmmm, I poles look a bit…..bland.
    Why not make it look nicer like the ones in Christchurch?

  3. Carl says:

    ^ hows about, who cares they do a job, and lets get it finished and tested on time.

    potted trees are a waste of time, esp if the area is still massively under development, because they’ll just end up getting moved around and will die.

    anyone who builds in that area should have been forced to have a green roof or at least standards of building that come up to LeeD status.

    the city needs more green spaces.

  4. KarlHansen says:

    Lol, use potted shrubs then - can’t kill weeds - or build some real Potemkin Villages.

    Gaunt Street would make such a nice fake NZ “Main Street”. You would just have to prevent people from actually getting off the tram and trying to enter the fake shops.

    No seriously, I think the northern half of the tram circuit is going great, but what the heck are they going to do about the southern part in Gaunt?

    The Auckland Waterfront guys were talking about having the tram drivers doing a bit of fast talking about the past and future history of the area to distract confused tourists, but still, bleak part of town for now. Some riders will wonder whether their tram has done a wrong turn at the points! That’s why I am encouraging some out-of-the-box ideas for tarting up the area.

    Maybe get a sculptural exhibition going in the wasteland!

  5. tbird says:

    Nice seeing the progress of this tram.

    (Actually a Google search about the mysterious tracks I saw emerge on Gaunt Street was how I found this website.)

    It looks like there’s a nice looking ‘station’ emerging around Jellicoe Street, I’m not sure if you can still walk through the site, but I might get a photo.

    I can’t wait until there’s something to see around the area! We often go for a walk under the Harbour Bridge via this route. I always wonder why those three teenage girls and the guy from the seventies (mustard coloured skivvy) are going to the marine plumbing wholesaler! Kids these days!

  6. Geoff says:

    Motorists will cope just fine, as unlike Melbourne and other places with trams, the Auckland trams have been positioned in the traffic flow, and will follow normal road rules. It’ll be no different to a bus using the road.


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