Inside The Matangis


Reader Jim Curtis has taken a ride on the new Wellington Matangis and says he was impressed with the speed of acceleration.

Here are his photos:




  1. John Dalley says:

    How many are in service at this stage?

  2. Andrej says:

    For those willing to try how great can be the journey of Wellington’s new EMUs take a ride here

  3. AKT says:

    @John There are suppose to be 5 Matangi on the Hutt line, and 4 more units have arrived in the capital. It is a slow rollout!

  4. Jim C says:

    I always seem to get photos on wet days. lol. There were two more units still under plastic wrapping next to the service building for the emus. There is one Matangi unit , comprising one trailer and one powered,doing trails on the Kapiti line. The one I caught was the last one out 10.03am. Tranz Metro then use the Ganz. The Matangi comes back on about 3 pm. The rumours are that Kapiti will get Matangis come July.

  5. Carl says:

    The interior is very much like the bombardier trains here in Perth.

  6. Ian says:

    Five Matangi have been passed out and are in revenue service and a further two have been passed out and are being held for staff training.

  7. Anthony says:


    I know! the similarities are really noticable aren’t they. :D

    Is Perth’s Bombardier’s produced in Korea as well?

  8. Andrej says:

    @Anthony They are (both for Perth and Queensland) produced and manfucatured in Australia.

    BTW I do really hope the interior of future EMUs in Auckland won’t be similar of those refurbished SA/SD units or those in Perth or Brisbane, I don’t like their interior design quite a lot but that’s only my view. And I’m aware that the colours of Matangi are thouse typical for the Metlink design but they’re really clean, nice, look comfortable and new. At least what about using the colours of the MAXX logo - blue/yellow seats or something with red onto the new EMU’s?


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