Longer Trains Just Weeks Away


In about 5 weeks (July 17) longer trains of 5 or 6 carriages will be running on the Southern Line  -and that will be welcomed by commuters.

The remaining platforms needing extensions to accommodate the longer trains are being finished.

Here is how it looks at two of them - Remuera and Greenlane.

Good to notice the HOP tag posts at Greenlane too.




  1. Paul in Sydney says:

    Have they left room for the next upgrade

    Will 8 car platforms be next?

  2. DanC says:

    How many cars can Britomart hold?

  3. dsadasgdf654645 says:

    Four platforms at Britomart are 150m long, one is 185m. SA/SD carriages are about 20m long. A Dft locomotive is about 17m long.

    So most platforms can have a locomotive + 6 carriages. The longest can have a locomotive and 8 SA/SD carriages.

  4. Matt L says:

    When we get our new EMU’s the cars are longer than we have now so a 6 car EMU will be longer than a 6 car SA set. A 6 car EMU will be 144m

  5. Carl says:

    I hope they remove and replace those shitty little platform “boxes” that are acting as sheltars.

    they look like a disgrace.


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