Nasty Cycling Accident


A nasty collision on a busy Hamilton intersection involving a cyclist, truck and bus.

Waikato Road Policing Manager, Inspector Leo Tooman, said the crash happened at the intersection of River Rd and Wairere Dr about 2.05pm.

“The crash is still being investigated by the Waikato Serious Crash Unit however initial indications are that it happened after a northbound bus stopped to give way at the roundabout in the intersection.

“It appears a 57-year-old male cyclist travelling in the same direction as the bus has under-passed the larger vehicle and come out into the roundabout colliding with the side of a westbound rubbish truck that had the right of way.”

Mr Tooman said the cyclist was dragged a short distance in the collision before being run over by the truck, he suffered critical injuries in the crash and died at the scene.

“Arrangements have been made to ensure Victim Support is available to the occupants of the bus, some of whom were children. The road was closed to allow a preliminary analysis of the crash scene and was reopened following a karakia by a Police Iwi Liaison Officer.




  1. Ingolfson says:

    Poor guy. No wonder most cyclists hate roundabouts. You need to take real care if you aren’t willing to go off-road around them.

    Which makes it extra-shocking that they are still building new roundabouts without any alternative route for cyclists, even though it’s not that hard to add a few refuge crossings so you can get around, rather than through.

    Admittedly, that doesn’t sound like it would have saved this guy, who is now added to the massive recent road toll for Waikato - several car drivers died last weekend alone. What’s it with that region?

  2. The Trickster says:

    Tbh, it sounds like one of those situations where the cyclist shouldn’t have undercut the bus and have taken then lane.

    Undercuttng a bus is ALWAYS a bad idea.

  3. Jimmy says:

    The lesson there is don’t undercut large vehicles, otherwise things like this can happen.

  4. Geoff says:

    Are cyclists even allowed to pass vehicles on the left? Passing on the left, in the same lane, is obviously illegal for motorists and motorcycles. Is there a rule that says cyclists can do it? From my observations, 100% of cyclists do it, so I gather it is either legal for them to do so, or 100% of cyclists disobey the road code. Surely the latter couldn’t be right?

  5. richard says:

    Whilst the truck driver appears completely innocent in this case if trucks here had safety barriers on the side like they do in Europe and other countries the cyclist would probably have been deflected away from the rear wheels.

    Some years ago trucks had to be fitted with bars at the rear to prevent cars submarining in a nose to tail and side barriers have been considered by the LTSA but that’s as far as its gone. Safety features such as these would save several lives a year but unfortunately our LTSA often seem uninterested in safety

  6. Geoff says:

    I think it was 1996 that LTSA (now NZTA) recommended safety features for trucks, and the removal of bull bars as well, as they transfer all impact damage onto the other vehicle. The trucking industry never complied.

  7. The Trickster says:

    Geoff says:
    June 1, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Good question - pity about the associated inflammitory comment though (100% - really?!).

    Anyway, I was about to say I was unsure, but after re-reading the related clause I believe we can but only when traffic is stationary or if we’re in our own lane. To make it clearer they should really make the “stationary” a seperate sub-clause (split (b) into two).

    2.8 (2) (b) is the one to look at.

    Based on that its not illegal for motorcyclists (or motorists) and you regularly see them filtering while riding.

    As for me, I generally don’t unless we’re talking about a massive rush hour jam, then I’ll filter through at a low speed.

    Personal rules of thumb:

    1. NEVER undertake a bus near an intersection or near a bus stop.
    2. NEVER be on the inside of a large vehicle on a sharp corner
    3. NEVER undertake someone who either has their left indicator on or looks like they’re going to turn left.
    4. If in doubt about the person behind you and whether they may try and overtake and then immediately turn left (the classic “left hook” collision), take the lane until through the intersection, especially if its a truck or bus (see Rule 2).

  8. Bryan says:

    There is a cycleway beside Wairere Dr, with underpasses under both Wairere Dr and River Rd.

    Shown here

  9. Richard says:

    In an alternative universe… the bus was attempting to pass the cyclist as they approached the roundabout, but then had to stop. Cyclist, who is squeezed between curb and bus, cannot see and continues up left of bus to get view of traffic around front of bus… get’s clipped by truck. Alternative universe 1: bus driver thought he had completed overtaking cyclist, tells police cyclist underpassed him. Alternative universe 2: to cover his arse, bus driver tells police that cyclist underpassed him.

  10. richard says:

    It appears we have two richards now, lower case richard here to Capital Richard. In my post I said “appears” completely innocent here and I agree with you we can’t make assumptions without all the facts.

    Geoff, you are correct and I seem to recall making a submission to the LTSA. It strikes me the LTSA and now NZTA are selective in their safety interests. Another thing that comes to mind is when they went through all the process regarding tinted windows., made side windows illegal to fully tint then shortly after WITHOUT further consultation changed their mind and allowed tinting on front side windows and to hell with others not being able to see the driver….Grrrrrrrr


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