Helpful Advert About HOP


If you think the introduction of HOP/Snapper has been confusing, check out the advert in the latest issue of the AUT student magazine Debate.

It will answer all your questions. Or maybe not.

Or maybe it is for those immigrants from an alien planet.




  1. ingolfson says:

    Doh! All you gotta do is swipe that ad past the reader, and presto, it works. Gosh, Aucklanders!

  2. Sharon Hunter (Auckland Transport) says:

    Oh dear, Fixing this!

  3. rtc says:

    Looks like a font issue between AT and AUT

  4. Owen Thompson says:

    Stunning! How do I apply for the Proofreader’s position that is obviously vacant?

  5. Paul in Sydney says:

    Yip, who signed off on the proof, must of been out to lunch

    Too funny, when it happens too someone else

  6. joust says:

    what, it was mistaken! seemed like an ironic comment on censorship and tight-lipped government agencies in a student newspaper - hilarious.

  7. George D says:

    It will be readable from 8 June. (But not for train, Eastern, or ferry users).

  8. Andy says:

    ingolfson, I think the confusion is/was surrounding the business rules and infrastructure.

    Also, always safer to tap the card than swipe due to the shape of the RF field.


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