Rail Overcrowding “Easing”


Auckland Transport says the overcrowding of rail services is easing.
From 17 July trains will use five and six carriages on the southern line, following the completion of platform extension works. This will help further.
Recently AKT was asking if the overcrowded carriages was exceeding OSH limits and some female readers were getting distressed by the way males were crammed in so close to them near the doors.

Auckland Transport Chair Mark Ford revealed that there has been a “noticeable increase” in the number of train services exceeding the desired load factor of 1:4 (4 standing for every 10 seated). This is up from 3 standing for every 7 seated.

Auckland Transport says that when measured as an average across the month of April, the level of crowding on services eased during the month.
Based on an average of train crew passenger counts, which are performed at pre-set locations considered to represent the maximum load points of each
route, there were three services reported to have average load factors above 1.4 (i.e. four passengers standing for every ten seated passenger) – target planning standard, compared to twelve services recorded during March.
Two of these were morning peak services, one being a Southern line and the other being a Western line service and no service was recorded exceeding 1.5 of seated capacity on average.
It adds that individual daily loadings will vary.




  1. Matt L says:

    Before anyone says jumps up and down, just remember that the loading of 1.4 is not the maxium capacity but rather a level set by AT to try and ensure everyone at least has a comfortable ride.

  2. LarryH says:

    Cancel just one service during the rush and see what that does to the loading.

  3. Andrew says:

    Um, doesn’t easing crowding mean some people are no longer using rail? And this is good?

    The best time to increase capacity is February, when the crowds start. I don’t get why they increase capacity after the crowds give up on rail and PT for another year.

  4. Kurt says:

    Its probably been brought up before but two weeks ago the train that went via the eastern line to Papakura at about 5.10 had at least 20 people get off without payment and that was by Meadowbank. This was because there was one Veolia staff member on the carriage, which was really crowded.

    I assume if they are not counted then patronage drops off. The loss of revenue though was appalling.


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